Update For Friday,  

lonelywoman68 48F
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10/21/2005 3:30 am

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6/29/2006 1:26 pm

Update For Friday,

A summary.

Total views since 3/13/2005 5404

Times in Hotlists in the past 30 days 60


2907 who were just browsing to pinch pics for later when the wifes away to sleep.

999 who thought my auto-response was a real email reply.

359 who sent a real email that wasnt copied/pasted and spammed to all and sundry with pictures( around 120 I replied to )

953 who sent really nice emails offering to fcuk me tonight.

88 people who I know in person by the images they sent me ( really ).

42 foreign men from the uk who I am not interested in becoming an excuse for citizenship

29 who replied with testimonials from their previous conquests so as to inform me of their superb track record

16 who wanted to buy my undies.

9 who took my pic off the site and thought it a big turn on for me that they took the trouble to wank then cum all over my pic.

2 left.

One was a heavy smoking alcoholic that was married and his wife didnt understand that he really did need to sit in front of the telly for 8 hours a day for his self-deduced therapy.That and if he moved to go and get another beer from the fridge then he would miss his favoutite advert with the Crazy Frog.

The other

Rather nice gentleman to whom I am very attracted.

More later on as its my day off today.


GiggleBite 57M

10/21/2005 5:34 am

Im in the 88 category then! (lol)

Always love your blogs MM.

Amature1 68M
11 posts
10/22/2005 4:05 pm

Nice stats! Hope you update them regularly. Nice to get the perspective from the other gender. Anyway, glad you found one that was interesting. Hope it works for you!

"ah the pity youth is wasted on the young" ~ George Bernard Shaw.

pauls337 50M
11 posts
10/25/2005 12:54 pm

16 wanted buy your undies !!!

Had a good laugh at all that.

rm_kinkooo2 45M/45F
4 posts
10/28/2005 10:38 am

lets spoon

lonelywoman68 48F

10/29/2005 2:51 pm

    Quoting pauls337:
    16 wanted buy your undies !!!

    Had a good laugh at all that.
Make that 18 offers...Wonder what the going rate will be?

lonelywoman68 48F

11/13/2005 4:42 pm

    Quoting ProfLiebstrom:
    offer them for a ridiculous price! some nut will buy them and you wont have to work again!
Ebay here I come. What can I describe them as I wonder?

tallnhandsome97 51M
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6/26/2006 1:38 pm

Hi It's the first time I've been on here and I'm still finding my way around the site. Nice photo, certainly grabs the viewers attentiion when I'd checked out the group you belong to! Hope to get a photo on my entry soon when I figure out how to do it.

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