Mother in law from HELL !!!!!!  

lonelywoman68 48F
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4/12/2005 10:39 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Mother in law from HELL !!!!!!

My ex called today and HE and his MOMMY are coming up to pick his clothes up tomorrow. Why do men hang onto pairs of socks with holes in that were last worn in 1989? C`mon guys? Sentimental reasons maybe ? Its got me beat as to why keep socks that long let alone the other stuff thats manky!

Also,,TROUSERS!!! His are from the heady disco days of the 1980-89 genre.10 inch green flares with a 10 inch waistband and 8 buttons. I reckon I would LOVE to see him try them on and go out with his new mates. Would make the right impression of the Add to the outfit a REALLY KOOL pinky red shirt blazonned with a print of an old black 45rpm 7 inch record with size 14&1/2 collar. Add further the Navy Blue corduroy jacket with lapels the size of concordes wings and hey!!! Mr 1989 is reborn!!.......


Seriously though, If I were to keep all my old gear he would pass comments like " I remember when your arse looked good in that ". what would my retort be ? Probably something like " And I remember when you had a bulge in those flares that actually worked!! "

Off to buy more bin bags. Just wait till he comes for his tools,,,,ebay here I come.LMAO.


davidtw2004 56M

4/12/2005 5:53 pm

This might seem like a stupid question but why is his mother coming as well? Is he so bloody insecure that he needs his hand holding? Sounds like you're well shot of him.

I wouldn't worry too much. There are some of us blokes who are pretty decent.

rm_keith995 57M

4/13/2005 1:01 am

M we have plenty of large rubbish bags in stock could do u a good deal

traffic_light 58F

4/13/2005 1:35 am

Read your blogs, god help the man that gets on the wrong side of though you sound like you have been to hell and back with him.keep posting.will check back daily.

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