Sweet surrender  

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2/22/2006 3:37 pm

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Sweet surrender

There are so many kinds of fear and freedom. Perhaps the freedom of total surrender to another is the sweetest one a person can obtain. To decide that all the solid ground in the world, all your fears, and all your walls are not as important as the chance to live within loves embrace.

Inside the sweet chains of love, where your heart has no choice but to give everything, you can live fully. Every emotion, every smile is riding on faith, with the knowledge deep inside that there is one person on earth, with whom everything you are, have been, can and will be, is completely safe.

There are safer ways to live life. There are more conventional ways. And certainly there are more practical ones. But there is no reason to fight it, resistance goes as far as it will, then you realize there's way too much more to lose by turning away. In the name of love, you've no choice but to surrender to the feelings inside.

So to you, my everything, I surrender all.
Only in this full surrender, will I learn to live again.
Only in this full surrender, will you know life's freedom.
Only in this full surrender, will all fears be laid to rest for us both, and dreams put in their place.
We'll make it through.

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