Just wanted to say hi  

lonelykitten1980 36F
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6/28/2006 8:02 am
Just wanted to say hi

I have not posted anything in a while so I wanted to say hi to everybody that likes to read these post. If you have read my other post you will know that while I crave lots of sex my husband is never in the mood at all. He finally got on a different shift at work and after a few months now I think he is finally coming back around. It is still too soon to know for sure since every so often he tries to show interest to please me but then after a short time he stops again. This time just seems different. I did not have to bug him about it before he started this time. Keep your fingers crossed. Okay for those few people who for some reason or another are reading this, I will leave you with a story I wrote and got pretty good reviews from the guys I write. Enjoy.

I reach up and take my hair clip out of my hair. I run my fingers through my short brown hair and fluff it out, giving my head a little shake. I cross my arms as I reach down to the bottom of my shirt. I slowly pull my shirt over my head. I let my hands run over my bra gently brushing my hard nipples and catch the top of my shorts. I move my hips slightly side to side as I work my shorts down and bend all the way over to get them off my feet. Standing back up, I reach behind me to undo my bra snaps. My head goes back and rolls from side to side slowly as I pull my bra off then my hands ceress my big breast and rub my hard nipples. I feel my pussy heating up and getting wetter. My pussy wants attention now too so I step out of my panties so I can be free to feel my shaved pussy. Working my fingers back and forth over my clit a few times while I grab and play with my nipples. After a few mins, I remember that I was supposed to be taking a bath. I step inside the shower and let the warm water run all over my body. My hands follow the water over my body with my fingers lingering over the more sensitive spots. I grab the soap and rub it all over making my body slick and smooth. I moan when I slide my hands over my breast and play with my nipples. My pussy is starting to feel like it is on fire and begs me to stick something in it. I get my dildo out of the cabinet and lay down in the tub. One hand works my toy into my aching pussy while the other keeps playing with my nipples. Teasing, rubbing, pinching, and pulling first on nipple then the other. My first hand is working the vibrater in and out pausing to let it vibrate against my engored clit. I am really starting to moan and start rubbing both my breast and clit faster. My pussy is now being pounded and my hips are raising up to meet the vibrater to take it in all the way. My hand it teasing first one nipple then the other and getting faster and rougher. Suddenly I feel my pussy muscles tighten and start cumming hard. I keep rubbing my nipples until my orgasm stops. Then I lay under the water of the shower for a while just relaxing and enjoying the feeling of my pussy muscles contract and releasing from cumming so hard. I finally get up and finish my shower. Get dried off and get dressed. I smile thinking that was a great shower and can't wait to get all dirty just so I can take a shower again. Kat

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