Santa's Helper  

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1/17/2006 10:12 am
Santa's Helper

Their relationship was based purely on a mutual need to quell and satisfy the most hedonistic of pleasures and the most lustful of desires. After what seemed like forever he called and once again requested the “pleasures” of her company. She was, at least outwardly, the quiet and conservative type--no person could or would have ever guessed just by looking at her that she was actually quite the opposite and though she appeared to be a docile kitten she was actually
an insatiably wicked and wild tigress--He was a tall and classy gentlemen and had the most striking accent--he was the type who preferred not to spend his after hours alone in a lonely hotel room so far from home--unbeknownst to
him, from the very start, she was completely aroused at being at his disposal whenever business brought him into town as it made her feel so completely wicked and naughty....

She arrived at his hotel and confidently strode across the hotel lobby as if she were actually a guest--she smiled cockishly at the concierge as she knew it wasn't the accommodations which had brought her--As she tapped on the door to his suite, her heart pounded with nervous anticipation--Finally, he answered looking so tall and devilishly handsome with smoothe and sultry jazz steadily humming in the background,
which only added to her mounting excitement--She entered and closed the door behind her and stopped only to take note of the intoxicating scent of his sexy cologne which filled
the air--before she could speak he grabbed her and began kissing her rapturously, their hands grabbing and clawing at each other furiously--”Santa has sent his helper to find out just how naughty or nice you have been”, she seductively
whispered in his ear--”mmmmmm” he responded--with his arousal heightening he began to unzip her long navy trench coat--he was completely knocked off his feet when he realized that all she was only wearing a sexy, red satin chemise and
impossibly tall black heels--”merry x-mas”, she said in a seductive tone--his hands began to caress the curves of her body covered only by the satin negligee--so hot to feel her he led her to the chair by his desk--he sat on the chair and beckoned her to the floor--she kneeled in front
of him as she caressed his already straining cock from on top of his pants--she liked to tease him--it made her so hot and so wet to watch him writhe with anticipation--he wanted so badly for her to rip his cock free and engulf him completely but she liked to make him wait--she just enjoyed
licking him from on top of his clothing--as his ache became more and more apparent she slowly but deftly began to release his exquisite cock….she loved the taste of his cock and the taste of his excitement which dripped steadily…..she especially enjoyed making him squirm as her mouth played with the tip of his cock until he was begging her to stop--as was her style she enjoyed him slowly--taking care to taste each delicious inch of his enormous shaft with long strokes
of her tongue--moving slowly but steadily down his cock she watched the expressions of pleasure cross his face--she stopped to suck on each one of his balls individually as she stroked his shaft already slippery with is excitement--at
once she drew him into her mouth as far as he would go--”ahhhhh”, he cried as her mouth drew him in until he was at the back of her throat--her tongue flicked and played as she held him
in her mouth for a long heated moment and released him only to take him completely back in--she moved slowly at first but gradually began to pick up speed--he cried out with pleasure as his cock was being completely ravaged by her
mouth and his desire became more intense--instinctively, his hands wrapped around her silky brown hair and forced her to take him at the speed he desired--their eyes were locked together as she pleasured him without any difficulties--she began to slow down and then stopped altogether as the night was young and there were so many other pleasures to engage in with this very sexy gentleman--slowly, she moved upward
taking care to enjoy the taste of his nipples before she found herself kissing his mouth heatedly--whilst their tongues mingled, his hands separated her thighs and began to play with her very moist pussy wanting and needing his attention....

At first he flicked and played with her clit but he knew what she liked and how she liked it--as they kissed, he plunged one, then two finger inside her…she flinched and cried out as the pleasure overwhelmed her senses--he remained
seated almost arrogantly in his chair as she remained kneeling in front of him, arching her back allowing him better access to all of her sensitive spots--he alternated between thrusting
deep inside her with his strong and skilled fingers and stopping only to suck her sweet nectar from his fingers--she loved watching him enjoying her juices and even more she loved to taste her juices in his mouth as they kissed afterward--After their last heated kiss he pushed her back onto the floor--his mouth moved with a amazing precision down her neck, sucking and biting each one of her sensitive spots, down her shoulder to her breasts where he lingered to taste and play with each smooth and delicious nub--she shivered with pleasure as his mouth encased her erect nipples…her hips gently bucked into him almost as if they themselves had a mind of their own and were begging him to move lower--finally, after what seemed like an eternity to her, his tongue was finally darting in and around her pussy--he started with her lips, swollen with fierce excitement, sucking them, nibbling at them, then moving to her clit which was always
so extremely sensitive and made her mad with passion--she could only endure a few moments of the sensation and he knew it--even before she ever reached that crescendo his tongue slowly licked the entire length of her pussy--his pace was slow at first but became more frenzied and frantic with time…as she moaned and cried with ecstatic pleasure her hips rocked more furiously to meet his tongue which had begun darting into and out of her--the pleasure was unreal and her hands, which were already combing through is lush hair, clenched him more tightly keeping him right where he was--loosening up her grip on his head he found his way back to her clit as his plunged first one then two fingers inside her soaked pussy--she cried out for him to fuck her but he just ignored her pleas and continued his assault on her pussy--she realized her pleading made her even hotter so she stopped but that is when he stopped as well--she looked down to watch his lips moving up her body until the were kissing--he was gliding his cock in between the lips of her soaking wetness teasing her some more--when he himself had enough, he got to his feet and helped her up and before she could kiss him once more he whirled her around and pushed her over his desk....

”ooooo yes”, she frantically cried out as she lifted a single leg onto his desk--his cock was in perfect alignment with his target--all at once he slid his cock hard and very deep inside her causing them both to moan in unison--a million
wonderful sensations flooded over them both as his completely stiff cock slid into and against her moist and tight folds--it was like a tidal wave of chills and tingles spreading through
them like wild-fire…..after the initial rush had passed he was able to withdraw--slowly, he began fucking her ever so gently with only the tip of his cock--she wanted him to plunge his cock deep within her so badly but he kept teasing her with the tip of his cock--impatiently she pushed back
onto him forcing his cock deep inside her--repeatedly, her pussy and his cock collided with such force that neither of them could contain their pleasure--both of them moaned out with sheer lust and unbridled pleasure as they fucked
each other--she quivered and shook once again as his strong hands reached around and grabbed her voluptuous breasts allowing him to go ever deeper inside her than before--her pussy was aching and dripping from all the pleasure but she sensed he was on the verge of an explosive release.....

Wanting to both prolong their mutual pleasures and fulfill yet another mutual fantasy of theirs, she pulled away from him but before he could protest she was kneeling in front of him and immediately began licking her juices off of his cock --it made him so hot to watch her tongue lap all her juices from his flesh--for her, it was all so good, his taste, the lust, the passion and the sight of him with his back arched and looking down at her as he moaned and bucked his hips to
meet her mouth each time she enveloped him--after a few moments of complete submission to him he tensed and cried out one last time before emptying his spunk into her mouth--after
a few last small twitches he had completely emptied all the pleasure from his tingling balls--pulling out he looked down at her once more--she looked up at him with the most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen--she was busily savouring
the taste of his sweet cum in her mouth like a fine wine before allowing it to slowly coat her tongue and slide down her throat--licking her lips and standing once more she winked and said, “See, I told you your present would cum early this year”--together they chuckled and fell to the bed in complete exhaustion until they regained their strength for later....

Searching for my fairytale: Passion & intimacy tied together in a warm, wonderful friendship

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3/31/2006 9:08 am

A little late response here, but I just wandered into your very erotic blog, and couldn't resist letting you know that this an exxxtremely smokin' hot story! Thanks! Am looking forward to keeping up with your blog. With such a sensual mind I can't imagine you'll be "lonely" linny for long


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