Here's Thinking of You  

lonelyinny5 43M/41F
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9/9/2006 6:48 pm
Here's Thinking of You

In my attempts to excite you and make you instantly hot upon my arrival I show up to your hotel room wearing only a red satin chemise underneath my long navy trench-coat....I am watering at the thoughts of what we are going to do to each other after agonizing months apart…Our conversations in the interim have been kinkier than ever before and the idea of another lady playing with us on our play-date has come up more than once…Much to my disappointment, I couldn’t make that happen but we shall have a great time nonetheless, I think to myself as I softly tap on your door....You answer smelling so sexy and standing much taller than I remember....The moment my eyes meet yours they begin to hungrily course over your entire body wanting badly ravage you....You gesture for me to enter and as you busily close the door I notice the lovely lady sitting with her long, sexy legs crossed in the arm chair in the corner of your room....For a moment I am confused but you come up behind me quickly and wrap your strong arms around me as you kiss my neck and whisper into my ear…“This time I had a surprise all ready for you”…still quite shocked but very aroused I let out a soft moan…my look of confusion is gradually being replaced with a look of naughty desire…Instantly, your words make my heart start to pound with anxiety and my pussy drip with excitement…She slowly and seductively gets up as you begin to remove my trench-coat…She licks her lips and whispers to me, “mmmm don’t you look tasty tonight, my dear”…The sight of our bodies already moving in perfect rhythm together lets her know we are ready to play…She reaches out to pull me onto the bed gently as you follow along closely behind me onto your luxurious bed…Any anxiety I initially felt has dissipated or been replaced by sheer lust and wanton desires…Seductively, I crawl onto the bed as she leans in to kiss me…A slow delicate kiss at first which turns steadily into a hungry kiss increasing this burning lust and desire…Our tongues frantically lick and caress each others mouth as you move along side us both and begin to explore both our bodies with your strong hands....We moan and sway as your hands rub over our breasts and panties, which by now are thoroughly drenched…The feel of two soft and luscious bodies eagerly wanting to please and engage in the most lascivious of pleasures with you is overwhelming but amasing…She and I continue to massage and rub one another…Slowly we undress each other starting with her scanty blouse as you lie me onto my back, lift my skirt and toss my panties aside…You separate my legs and get ready to taste me and pleasure me…As our eyes meet I see you taking pleasure in the scent of my heedy aroma…With our eyes locked you take one long stroke from my ass to my clit…She turns my head so that our lips meet…We kiss and fondle one another as you lick and caress my aching pussy with your wet tongue…My hips greedily rock back and forth to meet the rhythm of your mouths assault on my slit as your fingers continue to pound into me causing me the most exquisite pleasures…Uncontrollably my hands reaches behind your head pulling you in closer as my other hand fondles her beautiful mounds…”Don’t stop baby”, I plead…She moves first her hands then her mouth down the length of my body and joins you in tasting me…This unexpected and unfamiliar pleasure sends my pussy into spasms of orgasmic delight…Eagerly, you continue sucking my clit until the last drop of cum is licked clean…Her mouth finds its way back to mine as does yours and the three of us engage in a hungry and passionate kiss until we both push her back onto your bed…You move swiftly down her body until you face is buried between her milky white thighs…She tastes so sweet and she writhes with ecstasy as your tongue bats and flicks around her pussy....The sight of you going down on her is so sexy and hot my fingers can’t help but rub my already sensitive clit…Your tongue keeps her moaning and crying out for more and begging you not to stop…As you continue to tongue fuck her I lick and fondle her luscious breasts…Your tongue, so skilled at pleasuring, makes her cum quick you get up and beckon me to come lick up all her sweetness…

After such and amasing moment its your turn for pleasure…We signal for you to lie down on the bed so we can have our turn feasting on your delicious cock…We take turns licking your cock, already straining to be buried inside us both…Your flesh is delicious and greedily we suck and play with your balls, your shaft…As you lie back just watching two such beautiful woman devour and ravage your cock, you move your hands behind the backs of our heads so you can guide our pace…Our tongues mingle and swirl around your enormous cock occasionally stopping for a deep kiss with one another……She holds your stiffness as my mouth envelopes you, with my tongue swirling just the way you love it…Your hips buck to meet my sucking as her hand rubs your shaft, your balls and then your ass…The pleasure is indescribable and holding back is proving more difficult that you initially thought…Still thinking of the pleasures which are still yet to come helps you contain yourself but it makes you realize how badly you need to be deeply buried inside both of us…Subtly, you guide her onto her up and tell her to get onto her knees…Slowly your ease first the tip and then the rest of your long shaft inside her…You steady yourself by holding onto her waist before you begin thrusting furiously into her wet cavern…The sight of her breasts swaying gently back and forth as you pound into her is so hot…As you fuck her from behind you give her sweet ass a good slap…As you continue, I position myself in front of her so she can feast on my pussy as you pound into her from behind…I moan steadily from the enormous pleasure of her sweet delicate tongue flicking against my clit as you relish the sensations of you bare naked flesh sliding into her creamy cavern…Her skin is so soft, her ass so round and covered with sexy red reminders of how she is all yours tonight...You look so hot as you fuck her and I have to have you inside me…I moan and plead for you to fuck me as she continues to taste my pussy…You send me a delicious smile and slowly slide out of her and motion me to come to you…

As she gets up off of her knees our mouths hungrily kiss…You pull me close and rub my breasts as she comes around and kisses my neck…Gently but definitively you lay me down on my back…My hips gyrating and signaling to you that I need to feel your sweet cock deep with in me…Holding your long cock you rub up against my clit…”Ahhh, it’s so wet” you moan as you continue to tease me with your cock…You grab my thighs firmly and spread my legs wider apart as you force yourself completely inside of me…You love the way I take all of you to the hilt and the way I seem to never get enough of you…The friction created from your cock against the creamy walls of my pussy make drive us wild…As you pound into me with sheer desire she spreads her legs over my mouth and rubs her pussy over my mouth…As if I had done this a million times before, my tongue flicks and licks her exploring all the folds and nuances of her pink pussy…She tastes so sweet and wet and warm on the inside…The feel of you pumping your firm cock deep inside me, hitting all the right spots with expert precision is unbelievable…I look up at you and beg you to fill me with your spunk…The sound of which is music to your ears…Faster and faster you thrash as she comes around and licks your balls from underneath…The feelings, the passion, the sweet lusty desire send you flying into sweet ecstasy and you feel your cock releasing all the tension building inside your balls since the night first began…With one final thrust you pump the last bit of spunk deep inside me filling me with a warmth and desire I never experienced before…

You give us both a final kiss as we cuddle up on either side of you rubbing your chest and giving you little kisses all along your chest…Spent from the nights fun we take a little nap and regain our strength as the night is young as there are many sordid pleasures we have yet to engage in...

Dedicated to the best lover I ever had...
Thanks for last night Robster, I had lots of fun

Searching for my fairytale: Passion & intimacy tied together in a warm, wonderful friendship

maymontage 41M

9/11/2006 6:15 am

wow--amazingly vivid erotic images.

rm_guard552004 59M
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9/13/2006 4:14 pm

I can only imagine just how beautiful it would be to see you two ladies go at each other with a group of toys. Then when you both least expect it taking first one of you then the other down the path of being filled.......

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