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8/28/2006 10:22 am

Okay ...

Picture this: 5'10 in high school and weighing a scrawny 115 lbs. I mean, my whole body was practically 0% body fat. It's not that I starved myself, I tried to gain weight.

My metabolism was going berzerk, I guess.

Anyway, to say the least, when I decided to join boxing at the age of 17, my trainer surely tho't I was gonna get myself knocked out! If he tho't it, however, he never said it.

He bagan training me and trying to bulk me up. He had my first match lined up for me in the Bantamweight (119 lbs.) Division. With my height, I easily kept the other guy at bay and used superior speed to win the match.

Needless to say, he was no longer in a hurry to bulk me up. However, my body had decided on it's own to begin to change.

In one year's time, I went from 115 lbs. all the way up to 145 lbs. I was still winning fights (in fact, I was still undefeated at that time).

That was when I joined the military. The Basic Training coupled with my boxing regimen got me into perfect shape. I found my true boxing weight at 165 lbs. It was all firm and solid. No fat to be seen anywhere.

I must say, everyone tho't I was looking pretty fit.

Three years later, I left the military and boxing behind. I kept myself in pretty good condition, but by the year 2000, my 165 lbs looked a little different.

Tho' I still weighed the same, it was no longer as firm as it once was. I lost the motivation to get myself back into shape and I have been in a downward spiral since then.

Now, here I am. Most people I know find it hard to believe how much I weigh because they say I "wear it well." Whatever that means. I've always said that I am grossly overweight, but they never seem to believe me.

The other day, I got my weight analysis done for the first time since 1996. Imagine, ten years ago, I was in perfect, fit condition.

The analysis this time said what I had known for a very long time: at 222 lbs, I am 57 lbs over my optimal weight.

Of course, it was explained that, other than my frontal stomache area, the rest was still solid and fit.

That is total BS if you ask me. If I am 57 lbs overweight, then I am 57 lbs overweight, regardless of how it is distributed.

I want to lose it and quickly. I know I can do it ... three years ago, I lost 20 lbs in one month using a boxing regimen. But I wasn't properly motivated.

Maybe now, I will be motivated and lose the weight quickly.

I gotta do something ...

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