Am I a male nymphomaniac??  

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10/23/2005 3:28 pm

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Am I a male nymphomaniac??

I would have to answer yes to that question. I just keep wanting sex more and more. Surely I am not alone in this.

Just remeniscing over some of my old memories and I cleaned the cobwebs off of this one. I was in High School and had blown off the "buddies" to meet up with my then girlfriend from a neighboring town. Somehow or other she had managed to blow me off and no reason was given. Well, not one to miss out on a Big Saturday night, I was calling a few friends when her best friend called me. I agreed to let her come pick me up and take me to the local drive-in and meet up with some others. It was purely plutonic when about that time my girlfriend "Mo" showed up and was curious to know what we were doing together. She was upset and had apparently had a grandmother that needed her to do some things for her and couldn't get out of it. I assured her that nothing had happened between her friend and I. Given the earliness of the night, that was pretty evident.

She then asked me to leave with her as she was pretty upset about something that had occurred earlier with her family. It was about that time that it started to rain. I did not know it yet, but this was to be my first time making love in the rain, HOW erotic water can be! She was driving a little ford courier pick-up and we headed for one of the local fishing accesses which is where MOST young Montanans probably lost their virginity! We were in the truck when she started attacking me and tearing off my clothes.

Now, if there's one other thing that I have learned is that agressive women REALLY turn me on. The damned truck was too small to make love in properly and by now it was a downpour. With no worries of getting caught, I picked up her nude body and we proceeded to fuck like crazy on the hood of her truck in the downpouring rain. We fucked until we were tired (or until us 18 year old males were spent) then proceeded to head back to my folks farm where there was a guest house and quarters. We stayed the night there fucking all night long and listening to the rain pound on the roof. Shortly before dawn, I escorted her back to her truck.

Needless to say, that was the first time and the last time that we madelove as her and her family moved away shortly thereafter, but OH the childhood memories. I am sure that I will have more stories to follow.

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