AT the Strip Club  

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12/16/2005 5:46 pm

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AT the Strip Club

A few weekends ago a female friend of mine requested that I take her to a strip club. She has never been to one before and she's VERY bi-curious. After some time, I finally agreed.

The night we went, she was wearing a very sexy top and skirt. I'd never quite seen her this attractive before. When we were about to walk in the front door, she told me how embarassed she was that we were about to do this. I told her, no worries, there would be plenty of ladies inside.

We went into the club and found a seat at one of the tables in the back. After a few dancers, I could tell that she was starting to get a little more turned on. That and the drinks she was religiously sipping had helped decrease her inhibitions enough that she finally agreed to move up to the front rail.

After a few dancers had come through and done their routines, a dancer named Gem came on stage. This girl was HOT! I told my friend to get out her singles and eventually the dancer would make her way over to us. Eventually turned out to be fairly quickly.

My friend layed several bills down on the table and the dancer came right over to us and began teasing us. EVEN flashing her pussy in my friend's face. By this point, I could tell that my friend was really turned on. Seeing her turned on by this other woman was WAY more of a turn on than seeing the dancers. She continued to squirm and have a few more drinks. The dancer even convinced her to flash her own boobs. Now knowing my friend, I never would have guessed that she would have done that, but at this point she was so turned on she obeyed Gems wishes.

After the dance, we went back to our table at the back of the bar. My friend could not stop talking about how gorgeous the last dancer was and how perfect her boobs were. I called the waitress over and asked if she could have Gem join us at the table for a drink.

Gem showed up and we had a little bit of small talk. I told her about my friend's fantasy and she suggested that we retire to one of the private rooms where they do their couch dances but that it was going to cost us $30 dollars. My friend said that was too much, but I said that I'd be more than happy to cover it just as long as I get a front row seat for her lap dance.

We went back to the private room and Gem told us tha males were not allowed to touch, but that females were. I said that would not be a problem.

Gem was wearing just a teeny g-string on and convinced my friend to remove her top and bra. My friend gladly did and I was treated to not just ONE set of perfect breasts, rather two. Gem began her routine and began touching and kissing my friend's breasts and allowing her to do the same to hers. My friend was just totally turned on and began to squirm even more.

Gem spread her legs apart and slid her dress up all the way to her waist. From my vantage point I could see that my friend's panties were totally drenched. Gem kept rubbing her breasts, mouth, arms, legs and hands all over my friend's body. I could I could see her shudder to the point of orgasm and Gem finally reached out, pulled her drenched panties aside and inserted a finger deep into her pussy. My friend shuddered again and came in a big orgasm. The two held each other for awhile and Gem then eventually excused herself. I tipped Gem an additional $20 for such a good performance.

My friend may not have had her bi-sexual curiousity satisfied that night, but she sure is on a good path of discovery and at least ONE step closer.

I can't wait until I can take her out and do that again.

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