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3/25/2006 4:14 pm

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4/5/2006 5:15 am


That play always intimidated me, and I like theatre, but I feared I would be sat in the front row, picked out (cos I got a pickable face), and made to stand on stage, maybe even hung up on a coat hook and viewed, in all my ordinariness…

A woman would point an annoyingly tickly stick at me, prodding and testing. Remarking my flaws & inability to understand……the WOMAN…

See, the Vagina Monologues doesn’t mean we’re talking about female genitalia. Although it sometimes might crop up…
NO. it’s just about women. And I suspect, a derogatory slander toward men’s perceptions of….THE WOMAN….

Where I’m going with this is that since I can remember I haven’t been able to understand women.

I can appreciate women. In more ways than one.
I can learn from women. In more ways than none.
I can appease women. And not by flashing my bum.

I’m a bit of a pandora’s box myself, and very few people understand me let alone myself. I’m like one of those rogues who shouldv’e been born a thousand years ago. That’s not to say I’m devoid of feelings or sensitivity, just that back then things seemed so much simpler lol…

I seem to attract women fairly easily when I’m at my best and this is coming from a person who has low self-esteem from time to time. And when it happens I almost question why it’s happening… More than that, I’m almost oblivious to the fact that she’s standing there waiting for me to kiss her.

And then when I think a woman likes me I get it wrong sometimes and I realize I’ve made an arsetit out of myself. This results in stepping back into cool & held-off mode…… Yeah, real smart move I know…

SO how does a man know when someone likes him & when they are just being polite?
This is a well-oiled question and has many many obvious answers….

..none of which I wish to see posted below….

I want to hear of stuff I’ve never even thought of before, surprise me, ladies & gentlemen if you’ve found a cure…


ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
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3/26/2006 6:06 am

eve ensler would never pick on you hun.

no cures here, if we knew we would not be on this web site, we would be mating with the ones we had found certain to be attracted to us and us to them. yes?

keenbutshy2 45F

3/26/2006 11:51 am

How do I know which answers you have previously seen and consider obvious?

But I think I am going to run a seminar on the subject.... wanna sign up?

londongames replies on 3/28/2006 4:52 am:
ooooh, keen: count me in lol... do ya have refreshments? I get bored easily in seminars.. can't sit still..


Scorpio_Lady_69 41F

3/27/2006 1:54 am

Decided to have nose at your blogs the answers you are looking for are as old as mankind itself. Back at the dawn of time it was hell of a lot easier ancient man selected a pleasing female (good breeding material) walloped her over head and dragged her back to his cave to do the necessaries! Of course things were easier - I wonder if ancient woman refused because she had a terrible headache

Since the advent of civilisation, sexual equality and neurofen the poor male is at a distinct disadvantage hence your dilema LG

Heavenly is absolutely right about body language, unfortunately most males are not that observant and often miss or mistake certain signals. Some women if they are nervous will play with certain parts of their body. Eye contact is a great way to make contact on a level other than pysically. If she holds your gaze when talking searches for your eyes it can be a sign she is interested but there again i do this at interviews having been taught that this is polite and makes u look as if you are interested in speaker talking about pensions and other such bollocks so again professionally and socially there is a different meaning. Some people are shy and find it difficult to hold direct eye contact. Also having been taught as a child its rude to stare (no wonder we are all so confused)

Anyway back to the matter in hand. Speaking as a female (double checks in mirror) I find men who are overly keen a turn off. A man who strikes a balance of showing interest yet isnt pushy or too annoying. As a rule women find "strong" men attractive. I dont mean muscles, no brain and arrogance but strength of character, intelligence, ambition and ability to listen, a man who will stand u to us (lets face it us women do like to get our own way) in short a man we can respect as a person and shows us respect as an individual. Who we can lean on when we have need too and vice versa (as we all have our bad days). Someone who will not judge and support even when things happen as a result of a stupid decision of action (none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes). Weak clingly, emotional baggage are an absolutely no no in my book and anyone showing these traits would not even get past first base with me.

Now i know u r probabably reading this even more confused but i know what i am talking about. All the above coupled with chemistry.

Men have asked me why are women attracted to "barstards who treat them like dirt". The answer to that my lovelies is that these men appear to be strong and are also a challenge - apparent strength is an aphrodisiac as is wanting what u cant have and challenge of trying to win his affection. Of course these relationships invariably fail. So where does this leave us ordinary mortals who just want to be happy and find Mr or Mrs Right?

Well like everything else love is a gamble u take your chances roll the dice and hope u hit the jackpot, fate luck and chance will play a part.

So as with everything else nothing in life comes with guarantees, fate is the ultimate decider of where our lives will go.

I suggest you just go with the flow, use your gut instinct and inner voice. Relax and have fun and try to be as happy as u can - after this aint no dress rehearsal.

Scorpio xxxx

P.S. cheesy chat up lines are definitely a TURN OFF!

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