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3/14/2006 8:04 am

Do you find you can write stuff down and tell people things on here you couldn’t even tell your best friend?
What is it about the freedom, this judgeless space that I can write my thoughts in. Share intimacies with complete strangers all over the world..

In the spirit of this post I will now indulge you (or is it myself) with some previously unshared knowledge of my childhood….

SLAM CRASH WALLOP is the sound my sister makes as I push her down the stairs..
I am 3 years old, and already mighty.. She is 2.5 years older than me and therefore has the foresight to bide her time….

…STOMP is the sound my foot makes as I jump on top of a bee, barefoot, and following my sister’s sage advice.
I will no longer trust my sister from this point on. She never quite looses the glint in her eye…

CRAAAAAAAASHHHHHHH is the sound the antique plates make as they hurtle onto the tiled kitchen floor. I am 8 and have just run past the dresser too quickly and knocked it hard. My beautiful brother Hugo, a Chesapeake Bay retriever stumbles over nonchalantly… I learn a valuable lesson in making the most of your environment.
As my parents come crashing in, I declare (through my sobs) that I do not deserve to join them at dinner tonight as I allowed the dog to crash past the dresser causing the carnage.

..My dog never quite looks at me the same way again…..

PANT is the sound my dog makes as he looks up at me, aptly dogged and somewhat confused. As am I, as he seems to be dry humping my leg just as a prospective nanny walks through the front door. I am 10.

I never quite look at my dog the same way again……

SPLAAAAATTTT is the sound the water balloon makes as it hits the bald man on the head. Balloons aren’t supposed to pick up this much speed I tell myself, as he shouts angrily all around him, before walking off.
I am 12 and have found excitement in other people’s misery…..

SPLAAAATTTTTT is the sound the water balloon makes as it hits the bald man on his back. The following day. Fate isn’t supposed to be so cruel to one so young, as the man rings the doorbell…..

SHHHHHHHHHHH! Is the sound my lips make as I ask you all to keep this quiet. Some secrets are best left alone….

PS. how cool is my hat!

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