2 Types of Women...  

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3/7/2006 11:56 am

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2 Types of Women...

There are those who wear high-heeled shoes in bed, and those who don’t.

You can take that literally but it also says a lot subliminally. It speaks volumes about character & intent, and even if this is somewhat a little vague and dogged, it’s valid from a (young) man’s perspective.

YOU KNOW WHAT I FIND A DRAG these days? When you go through a low point, for whatever reasons, you bounce back, your confidence grows, but a little part of you always changes.. By this I mean you never have the same outlook on things, especially on love, romance, sex etc…

No matter how much we try to stay the same, people change us. Interactions, relationships, real or imaginary (lol), and THIS is a good thing.. People always try and come across so self-assured, set in their ways, ready for anything. It’s bullshit. One of the most rewarding experiences in our existence is being altered slightly, improving, giving way, being let down so we can appreciate just how good it feels when someone is really there for you…

Obviously I’m speaking mostly of the female of the species here, but it applies to all. I was talking to an AdultFriendFinder member the other day, she’s a fascinating character, and I told her how I feel towards the art of attraction…

(I will use boy & girl as sometimes talking in the third person referring myself to a man makes me feel inept lol)

Scenario 1

boy meets girl

girl likes boy

girl comes on too strong

boy backs off

Scenario 2

Boy meets girl

Girl curious about boy

Boy curious about girl

Girl plays hard to get

Boy loves the chase

Boy gets/doesn’t get the girl

Scenario 3

Boy meets girl

Girl thinks boy is a jerk

Boy carries on being a jerk just to save face

Please feel free to amend these or add. They only apply to my own experiences, and like Ive told a few of you: I’M A COMPLETE CONTRADICTION. I sit on the fence of life on many things…. Someone said it best once: our ability to alter perceptions is the only way we can accept the inhumanity of life… Food for thought..

OK THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO HAPPEN MORE OFTEN cos it makes the world go round an’ around…..

A friend of a friend was coming over from US, never met her but she needed a tour and a friendly face in big ol London town..
I was actually bummed at having to cos it was my birthday and we were out all day playing “act the drunken idiot” on an under-sized rowing boat with friends…
I’d only texted this girl, and she told me she was wearing a white boy in her hair- this is all I had to go on as we went to pick her up at her hotel later on..

YOU KNOW THOSE DEFINEABLE MOMENTS that stick in your memory like glue? Well this one’s indelible. I remember walking in to the lobby, unexcited, a little bit nervous, not sure what to expect. I turned my head and saw this stunning girl in the middle of the room, and she smiled at me. I was about to turn around when I noticed a white ribbon in her ponytail, and my heart skipped a beat I think.

EYES are indeed windows to the soul, and I don’t care how gorgeous or bootylicious you are, if your eyes don’t say something about yourself, then I’m not interested. Sparkling eyes that show sorrow, passion, adventure, lust, is a big big turn on. She had the most amazing eyes….

When you’ve never met, not even spoken to someone before, know very little about them, but you just can’t stop looking at them, and you feel more alive at this moment than ever before….
I fall in love very rarely, I’m a picky and complicated human being, like Robbie says very acutely in a song: I’m breaking up with her before I even meet her (or something close). But I knew right from the start that this girl was perfect for me.
The whole night felt like it was never going to end, spontaneous, exciting like electricity exciting, and strangely like two people who were always supposed to meet… And London had a big part in this… A city that I appreciate more and more as I grow older in it!

Unfortunately it never worked out with this girl, distance and all, which could be a convenient excuse (often is with the travelling), and we’re just occasional friends these days, but how many chances like this do we all get? Does it come once? No. Because it’s happened a few times, not many mind. Is there a cap? Probably. The big guy/girl/pie in the sky upstairs has to eventually get pissed with you for blowing it all the time……

My indifference towards someone who cant stimulate my mind & body is probably why I’m best suited to relationships and don’t have a huge amount of casual sex. But I struggle to hold down long term romances as I tend to break away or get pulled away.. Like I said. I’m a contradiction.. But I’m happy with that. It’s interesting to perceive one’s self differently to a majority of life.

Suffice to say there are two kinds of woman in this world. Those who wear high heels in bed, and those that don’t. Those who excite me and make me feel alive, and those that don’t…..

Till the next time……

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