"WHEN B.L.O.G.S. GO BAD..."  

londongames 36M
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4/1/2006 4:55 am

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4/2/2006 9:32 am


"....look at this unsuspecting blogger as he sets out for a gentle stroll in his webspace....

....now WATCH, as this torrent of abuse heads his way and crushes what little pride he has left!!! I bet he didn't think TODAY...would be his last friendly POST DAY!!"

(cue silly music and lots of american freedom fries cheering)



When blogs.....turn bad.... you ever been looked at differently by people who have a bad opinion of you? Sucks right! But it ain't that bad after all.... It's better to have a heathy balance as I see it. Otherwise you'd start believing your own hype and act like an asshole..

(btw, if people start quoting some parts of my text please include all of said quote, not just parts of it for your own benefits....or i'll start to think of you/treat you like I treat US FOX NEWS - i just won't listen to ya!)

I like to keep this space light and humorous cos sometimes its nice to make people laugh and have people make me laugh back! But i guess eventually you end up pissing on someone's hedgerow and they have to tell you how they feel.

It's fair enough. Honestly. I'd like to look back on this blog when I finally decide to leave AdultFriendFinder behind (!!!) and see the ups and downs on here. And there MUST be a balance. Without which I could not determine which was which....

So when was the first time someone heckled at you guys?? What did you do?
YES, i'm looking at this in a light jovial way... why? because what the fluck is the point of letting people get to ya????!!
If they don't agree with you well tough titty. They're allowed and have their opinion. Is it valid? Fluck knows... maybe..

SO i find it easier to diffuse a situation with humour rather than slagging matches. And for the physical stress daily life can bring?
Well i guess that's why i took up boxing.. Least it keeps my boss looking healthy anyhow....

MY BLOG ISNT GOING BAD it's getting good. I like that there's some real life going on in this microcosm of a society...
I know, I know, I should just be talking about tits & ass, but that just gets boring after a while

So who's got your chain pulled tight these days? No names or unfair insults, just vent as this post has got MAD SELF-(air) CONDITIONING !!!!

Till next time...


sassybelle21 32F
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4/1/2006 7:55 am

I got the not so nice comments every now and then. There's this guy who came by my blog almost all the time and used to proclaim that he loves my blog etc and he even flirts with me. Then one day, just this past week I think, he started to get not so nice with me. What gives? I mean if you want to like my blog or me, you have to like all the good and bad. I've never said that I'm an angel or saint nor will I be one. There are times when I'm just plain bitchy on my own blog. My blog is my blog. I will vent or bitch on it whenever I want.

Oh and you know about my Getting Butthurt blog entry? Some chick made a blog entry about me and that particular blog entry of mine and started "attacking" me. I never did her wrong as long as I've been on AdultFriendFinder blogs. At first she said that my post was gross and then she slowly came to the point saying that my gross post got more comments than her posts. Well judging from my Getting Butthurt post, the people who left me comments were my regulars. Anyway, she even commented about the way I spelled diarrhoea. She claimed that I spelled the word wrongly when her ignorant ass didn't know that was the British English spelling and not American English.

Blah whatever. I'm sick of lame people on here in general.

londongames replies on 4/1/2006 10:35 am:
i remember ur butthurt blog.... why the heck would someone be, or pretend to be offended by that..... truly awe-inspiring some of the freaks & kinks u find on here..

u know ur right about people taking you at face value... i said once on here that i'm 3 dimensional.. we're not perfect, but anyone that acts all holier than though and angelic is surely rife for a dressing down at somepoint right??

I like to think that people are inherently decent (not all), and will shine through when the time is right. Getting to know people from a website is trickier than a first glance would suggest....

Stay sassy

lg x

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