Excited in the sexshop  

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6/21/2005 10:19 am

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Excited in the sexshop

Today I went to the first sexshop I found in this city (Dresden) which is new to me. The goal was to buy anal lube as some bloggers adviced me, to perform my new sexual activity which I'm proud to say that is anal sex. So, definitively tired of using the hand creme, I went inside. It was nearly 2pm and there were only 3 people in there. 2 amazing girls (one dark haired diva, blue eyed and with a short summer skirt and the other, a gracious curvy girl, round butt and tits, both tight and pointing out). The other one was the shop assistant that was trying to convince them to buy not only the strap-on that they were looking for, but also a TREMENDOUS dildo (I've never seen something like that).

Well... I tried to concentrate on the different types of anal lube. I was looking for the brands I was adviced and at that point, I heard that the 3 gathered to my corner.

In fact, they wanted to perform anal sex with this strap-on. They were newbies, as well as i do, and they were looking for advice.

I happened to have in that moment a kind of anal lube called XTR or something like that. One of the girls took another one of the XTR tubes that were remaining on the shell and, to my surprise, the shop assistant went: "oh well, this one is the common anal lube for gays as it is best prepared for the men anal anatomy, as the Mr may well know, isn't it?" (he turned to me). I had no time to react, and to tell what exactly was I looking for, because the curvy girl, handling the tremendous dildo commented:
"Perhaps you want to try this one", (pointing to the enormous thing).
I vagely joined some words to explain that it was in fact anal lube for my girl...

While the two girls were paying (they discarded the huge dildo and buyed the 2sided strap-on and the same anal lube tube that i did), I fixed my view on her strap-on (I still remember the sticker with the 79,90€). Again the curvy girl commented that perhaps I wanted to to be penetrated by that tool, so much did I fix my eyes on it.

I just smiled... and I went out with a glorious erection... I didn't say anything, but that turned me on... These two girls are probably right now having a great time and I keep wondering if I am not turning maniac of being fucked by a girl. dunno... And my girl comes in 20 min

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