Snixxie and I share  

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1/13/2006 3:52 pm

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Snixxie and I share

LokiFin: snack I got a email
LokiFin: and...he's describing himself
LokiFin: but acting like he's describing me
Snixxiebelle: okay, weird
LokiFin: I want to make this very sexy connection with you. Those qualities that you described are they really yours? If so, we are going to hit it off. We sure to have some great times because I think I know what you want...passion, discretion and fun, right?
LokiFin: he doesn't ever refer to anything that's actually me
Snixxiebelle: I had a guy today who IMd me
LokiFin: omg
Snixxiebelle: and couldn't spell
LokiFin: ahaha
LokiFin: what'd you do?
Snixxiebelle: and I asked him if English was his first language
LokiFin: ahahaha
Snixxiebelle: he said he was just too excited to type well
Snixxiebelle: full of passion!
LokiFin: um
LokiFin: wow, that's just sad
LokiFin: what is he, a puppy?
Snixxiebelle: or actually FUL off pashion!
LokiFin: ahahaha
Snixxiebelle: he then typed this elaborate sexual fantasy
LokiFin: naturally
Snixxiebelle: and I just kept posting "oh really?"
LokiFin: bwahahaha
Snixxiebelle: and he kept saying, "whats ur name? let me pleas u!"
Snixxiebelle: and then I said, "Did you even READ my profile?"
LokiFin: why do they always want to know the name?
Snixxiebelle: and he was like, "Yes."
LokiFin: eeheehee
Snixxiebelle: And I said, "tell me where it says I want to fuck someone five minutes after they IM me, and that I'm particularly interested in sucky spellers, because I need to change that."
LokiFin: bwahahaha
Snixxiebelle: and he was like, "Don be soo meen."
Snixxiebelle: He was like, "But I'm safe! You'll be safe if you tell me your name! see how safe I am?"
LokiFin: how...
LokiFin: where do these people learn logic?
Snixxiebelle: I said, "Dude, you IMd me and typed up an elaborate sexual fantasy that was like a cross between a romance novel and hardcore porn and I SHOULD TRUST YOU?"
LokiFin: weeee
Snixxiebelle: i was like, "You need to stop asking me my name and to meet you tonight"
Snixxiebelle: and he said, "BUT I'M A GUY!"
LokiFin: um
Snixxiebelle: "I couldn't help myself, you're just so sexy!"
Snixxiebelle: and I was thinking, "all I've said is 'yeah', 'okay' and 'oh really'"
Snixxiebelle: then I blocked him.
LokiFin: bwahahaha
LokiFin: but Snixxie! you might actually have a 'gina!
LokiFin: it's enough!
Snixxiebelle: "But I'm a guy! You were walking down the street! You looked hot! I had to force myself on you!"
LokiFin: exactly
Snixxiebelle: I said, I mentioned several times that I wasn't comfortable giving out my real name. And you kept asking. I find that rude and it makes me uncomfortable. So he said, "I'm sorry if you're offended that I'm interested in you."
LokiFin: GOD
Snixxiebelle: I should have saved the IM, it was a marvelous thing. Full of horrible spelling, typing, and passive-aggression.
LokiFin: bah
Snixxiebelle: he annoyed me.
LokiFin: the way to deal with annoyance is to make fun of the annoyer in public spaces
Snixxiebelle: at first it was funny, but then the whole "sorry you're being a bitch" thing pissed me off.
LokiFin: clearly, all women are evil
Snixxiebelle: indeed
LokiFin: because we don't give out our addresses on public message boards, unlock our doors, and lay on the livingroom floor spreadeagled and prepped
LokiFin: I mean, I know *I* feel like a failure of femininity
Snixxiebelle: I know. It's so awful how cold we are.
LokiFin: my hands are kinda cold right now
LokiFin: I thought it was the AC…

rm_Miami_Man 49M

1/15/2006 12:15 am


rm_mojomike 50M
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1/18/2006 6:37 am

way too funny. ( golf clap ). you just can not make this up, it's slightly scary too, the amount of aggression that people have. anyway and Miami Man said " Bravo "


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