An Emailed Story...  

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An Emailed Story...

I received this the other day from a female across the pond and thought I'd share (she gave me permission to post

It is early evening and I am sat here watching the clock tick by, waiting for 5:30 when you return and I can attack you. I have been waiting all day for this, wishing the clock would speed up. My wanting obvious in my trousers as I day dream of you whilst I wait, watching the clock tick by…

...I stir slowly from the unconsciousness of sleep, the sensation in my loins so familiar, I guess I am dreaming of you again and then as I go to roll over, I realize you are holding me, caressing my erection so slowly it was barely noticeable. A quick thrust of your hand confirms your grip and sends a shiver through my body. Never have you woken me in the night like this. Your firm grip continues to slowly wank my cock beneath the sheets as you snuggle closer to me. Your free hand drops between my legs to caress each ball in turn and then rub lightly over my anus. The sensation is electric, my body jolts at your touch and then your breath in my ear as you whisper that you need me to make love to you.

I roll towards you and kneel above you; my erection hanging between my legs allows you easy access to continue stroking. I reach down with my own hand and place it above yours, wrapped around my hardness, slowly I begin to slide back and forth along my length, our hands wanking me in unison. Releasing my grip, your hand continues to please me; it slides easily from the tip to my balls, my body still twitching from the sensation of your touch.

My hands fall to your sides, taking hold of your sexy pink panties and pulling them gently to your ankles. Then quickly reaching forwards I gently rub the length of your sex. I can already feel the wetness between your legs, your juices already lubricating your entrance. My fingers dip lightly between your swelling lips before moving north to caress and fondle your breasts. My touch against your breasts making each nipple stand out. I roll each one in turn between my fingers then bend towards you and kiss you heavy on the lips, my hands continuing to knead your breast flesh.

Your steady wanking of my cock is starting to build sensations deep within me and I know it will not be long before I am exploding beside you. I quietly whisper that I am close and need to fuck you now. Gently you decline me, telling me softly that you want me to cum first so that I last longer inside you. Harder your hand pumps me, your grip firmer; your other hand reaching again to fondle my balls, a finger pokes gently at my anus, rubbing around the outside. The feelings driving me wild, my muscles tensing, my breath quickening as my hands reach again for your sex, reaching the swollen entrance, sliding easily in your copious juices. Three fingers pop easily inside you and the sensation blows my mind. My whole body spasms as the muscles pulse, my erection erupting as your hand continues to pump me back and forth. My own hand pushed hard against you as my three fingers are buried deep inside you.

Slowly I come down from my peak, again your whispers in the ear of my lowered head; I want you to make me cum too, make me cum more than ever I have before, please me until I can bear it no longer. Sitting back between your legs I begin to move my fingers inside you again, the three digits stretching you slightly with each forward push. My spare hand reaches for your sex too and plays slowly and lazily with your outer folds, teasing the lips and area around your clitoris; sliding easily in the wetness as they fiddle and bump around. The fingers of my other hand now working faster and harder inside you, plunging forwards to fill you, squirming inside you, reaching deep within your sex in search of that special spot that drives you wild so quickly.

My head dips slowly as I begin to plant soft, warm kisses against your skin. Slowly working south from your neck; breasts each receiving the attention of my lips as I pass, my tongue flicking quickly over each stiff nipple in turn. Their touch electrifying your body as it jumps in response. South again over the softness of your tummy; gentle kisses over your pubic triangle as I move down the bed to allow easy access to the warm wetness that lies between your thighs. My tongue darts out and licks long and slow along the length of your opening, vanishing slightly as it moves, tasting you completely as it scoops your juices from between your lips. The sensations it causes obvious in the way you raise your hips to my mouth as it moves, hoping I will lick harder, probing deeper inside you. My mouth clamps against your clitty and my tongue begins to flick frantically back and forth across it. Moving again; my mouth embraces your sex fully, my tongue exploring you totally, flicking and squirming deep inside you.

Reaching beside us I take your glass dildo in my hand, in one swift motion I move again to suck your clitty into my mouth as I drive the cold glass home into your now wanton hole. Reaching for me you hold my head tightly against you as your body begins to convulse beneath me. The cold hardness of the glass and warmth of my mouth too much for your body to handle any longer you cum in an orgasm that leaves you shuddering for minutes…

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