It Is Almost Time!!!!  

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8/14/2006 6:13 am

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It Is Almost Time!!!!

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here is what we need from you so you may be considered for the Grand Opening of the Rustic Red House October 7th. We need you to send us your email address that is not on AdultFriendFinder. The reason for this is so it is easier for us to send you updates, and for us to send you the actual invite to the club. You will need to do this on your E Mail server because AdultFriendFinder will block your email address from showing. You can send this information to our same nick on AdultFriendFinder to the Y address, loisandclark24 at ya hoo dot com

Also Lois and I have opened up the Rustic Red House Y Group . So you will be able to also check there for updates. Hell who knows, you may meet, even get a hook up set up there also. So remember to mark it on your calendar. October 7th Grand Opening of The Rustic Red House!! Lois and I are very excited!!! All I know is that it will be the best place in Texas I have been, and Lois and I have been to many places here.

So it is almost time, believe it or not! Almost time to get the parties started! Also there will be some door prizes for the Grand Opening. Now guys this will be for the ladies only! LOL ! We are thinking of door prizes for men…however the door prize for men, I think it will be already happening, 1/2 naked if not fully naked women walking around. That is door prize enough! LOL ! Anyway Lois and I are thinking of something for the guys. So hang tight, the date is almost here!

The picture to the right is a picture of the outside of my lair. Isn't it great?!

I can post the address here in my blog to the group it is...


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