Wildest thing ever done...  

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4/10/2006 5:25 am

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Wildest thing ever done...

What is the wildest thing any of you have ever done?

The wildest thing I have ever done was during spring break like 2 years ago. My then girlfriend and I got drunk on Ronrico and Pepsi. She has this thing about talking to guys online. Well she talked this guy into a threesome, and we drove all the way from Pitcairn, PA to Cranberry, PA. met in the parking lot of an Eat N PArk of all places, and then went to a Motel 6. To be honest, it sucked. Big time. I can't even explain why anymore, I just have the feeling of it sucking burned into my mind.

So, what was the wildest thing you all have done so far? Enquiring minds want to know... Lata

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