What does it take...?  

lockestryfe 36M
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3/29/2006 2:30 pm

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4/6/2006 5:42 am

What does it take...?

What does it take to get noticed? I know that's a real vague question, but is it? I mean, for you all know I could mean in real life, online, or anywhere in between. For me, it's an all of the above type question. What does it take?

Maybe I think I'm being ignored here in specific becasue I usually get at least one or two response/comments/votes on other websites I post blogs on. Not that I'm worried about it, I really haven't had much to post recently, but still. All I have to do is put 'Look at my big cock!' in the title box and I'd get at least 50 people looking and laughing at me...

No I don't post pics of my parts on any website, you wanna see it, you gotsta meet me...

I am not that outgoing, re: I'm an introvert. Something I'm trying to change, but it ain't happenin overnight. I am a lot more open on the net, cause I'm not in front of anyone, face to face. I can take my time, and post my thoughts. If you take your time everytime you try and say something to someone in front of you, you're gonna look like a rude dumbass. Not my style. Don't get me wrong, if I know what I'm talking about, I'll zip something back at lightspeed. This also usuallly gets me in trouble.

For instance:

2 of my co-workers were talking in front of the pantry window (the window were I put the food and the servers go and get it) and they were talking about how their boyfriends treat them like shit. Now, this is something I'm familiar with, being that one of my girlfriends brought another guy into the apartment to have 'fun.' Now I should point out it has been discussed after the fact that we were exs at the time but still living together, even if I wouldn't recognize it as such. It still hurt like hell. Anyways, the 2 servers were talking about their b/fs treating them like crap, and one of them turned to me and was like 'Why do you guys always treat us like crap?'

*blink, blink*

Now I had 3 different responses, if not more, that I was more than willing to provide. Response 1, I never treated either of my girlfriends like crap. Response 2, most guys are only out for the pussy, but not all of us. Hence why they say 'Nice Guys Finish Last...' Response 3, If you weren't such a bitch, he might have a reason to treat you better.

Now which response do you think I used? I'll give you, the reader, a few moments to think about it...

'You're so mean Locke, what the fuck is your problem?' My problem is that I actually try and see it from both sides. I understand that most guys are gonna treat girls like crap, just because they got it, and they want more. But I also see how the girls act towards guys will make the guys treat them bad. Not saying that any of my girlfriends purposefully did this to me, but I see it. And sometimes, people need to be told what they are doing isn't what they think they're doing.

I'm all for treating your woman with dignity and respect, and there is at least 1 out there that can testify this, but if you do some of the things that I've seen, you're getting put in your place. 'Oh, me and my boyfriend had plans, but a friend I haven't talked to in 5 years wanted to go to the bar, and I went.' That's a one way ticket to a smack-bottom. Anyways... How does this tie in with how to get noticed? Simple. The only time I get noticed is when I'm an asshole, anymore. I don't want to be an asshole. Besides at work, where it doesn't matter if I'm an ass or not, I get shit on anyways...

What does it take to get noticed? Let me know what yinz think, I'm outta here...

massageuall2 52M
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3/29/2006 4:07 pm

It doesn't matter if you get noticed by the wrong people it only matters if you are noticed by the people that matter.

A question back to you - "Do you wish to be noticed by the people who are bitches or bastards", is it not better to be noticed by those people who you will make long term friendships and share joint interests.

Don't try to behave or become someone else that you are not comfortable with.

In short be yourself!, like yourself! and then you can find the people who will like you for who you are.

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