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5/6/2006 6:59 am

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This blog is being brought to you courtesy of a certain woman who I thought hated me!! Here's the story.

While talking to a special lady friend recently she gave me an update on a former co-worker and her daughter. She also worked with us briefly. Now this woman was a funny , attractive, and friendly person!! Her daughter had a diiferent disposition altogether?? Queen bitch!!! Such a big difference between the two.

Well it was common for me to spend a good part of the morning socializing with the office girls. I was the darling of the owner(cause I'm good) and as long as my scheduled jobs were completed I could "attempt" to lay any of his "fucking secretaries" I could get my hands on!! LOL!! This always seemed to bother this womans daughter!! Ever feel like someone is wishing you'd die where you stood!!! HMNNN! Well that was tha' feeling I would get!

One time I asked this girl for a work order and she looks at me like I'm a walking piece of shit, complete with smell! So I wait and wait. Just then the high strung owner walks in. Now this guy loved to just be an asshole and bark!! I loved it, but others had a lot of problems! Anyways! I'm waiting and he yells what are you still doing here? I point and motion towards the workorder. He explodes on her!! Get off the fucking phone "these guys can't wait for you to file your nails"!!!

I kinda felt sorry for her, but got the order. LOL!!!! Well just always felt like this girl hated me!!

While talking to my old friend. She brings up this girl and I immediately refer to her as the "Bitch"! But then my friend says that "she" alway shad a crush on me then??? Well I said she had a great way of showing it!! And come to think of it she did lighten up before she left!

So I guess it was the way I flirted with all the other girls in the office that bothered her??

HUH!! I guess if I was in high school I'd of picked up on the dirty looks and just gushed???

So this story if for those people who act like they don't like me!!! I know you do!! So stop acting like you don't!!!! Ha!!!!!! ha!!!!!

I hope this story changes your life dramatically!! And you will from now on see me as a sorta holy person, guy, thing. And not just another pretty face!!! I get too much of that already!!!!

Good one!! to all!!!!! Mr. DICE!!!!

OH! Yeah! who wants to go see "Nacho Libre" with me?????

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5/6/2006 9:21 am

i dont understand how anyone could not love you.. it is beyond my realm of reasoning xoxo k

Peace xxx K

loadeddice05 44M

5/6/2006 11:08 am

    Quoting rm_gata11459:
    i dont understand how anyone could not love you.. it is beyond my realm of reasoning xoxo k
But she did!!! That's tha' point! You luv me, cause I lov you, and we are gonna have mucho bebeto's!!!! con mucho sexo!!! I am not spanish literate!! romance language my ass!!! how's your ass????MNNN

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5/6/2006 1:52 pm

    Quoting bbwDDs4XXX:
    It is a love/hate know I can't stand you but I want you so bad!!!! You are too funny, I can't believe you didn't know she liked you. C'mon Romeeo! PEACE~
Doesn't matter now who she liked! Really?? How can you not stand me?? OH!!!! You must mean you won't be able to stand after we meet!!

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