I'm a cheat, Liar, and all around horrible guy????  

loadeddice05 44M
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2/27/2006 6:33 am

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3/10/2006 6:22 am

I'm a cheat, Liar, and all around horrible guy????

Oh! NO! Not exactly as I would describe myself! But let's think about this for a minute!
I will have an affair on occasion. This makes me a cheat? Yes! In any normal way of viewing the situation! Of course it does! Am I hurting someone else? If they were to find out sure! Have they cheated on me? HMMN! Yes! Are there children involved? Yes! Would I have left long ago had they not been? Yes!
Will I open the door for a woman? Most definately! Would I help an old lady with her groceries? Sure! Would I be cordial and polite if we met on the street? Yep! So you find this person horrible yet huh? o.k.
Would I give straight forward advice to anyone who asked for it?.. May not be the best! But yes!
Now! Do I understand those who are in constant search of that special someone, that needle in the haystack, that perfect soulmate? Not really! I do not think this person exsists! Some will say they pity my view on this! O.K.
We all need to make ourselves happy! This is important! Take care of your children! Be the best father you can be. Love your g.f. , wife , b.f. whoever your with! And on occasion dabble in adultery! I won't judge ya! Unless you judge me first! Unless I'm in a bad mood!LOLOL!

saddletrampsk 54F

2/27/2006 7:16 am

You profile sounds alot like mine..Im a good woman who likes a lil fun on the side..is that a bad thing?

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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2/27/2006 7:17 am


Purry {=}


angelgrrl 48F

2/27/2006 7:25 am

Awww, welcome to the cheat-liar-and-all-around-horrible club And of course there's no such thing as a true soulmate, but if you can find a friend who you can get along with for the rest of your life, you're doing ok.

loadeddice05 44M

2/27/2006 7:41 am

I don't think so! Good dad! Good provider! Somewhat good b.f. LOL! Genius is sometimes misunderstood? Hav a Good one Saddletramp!

loadeddice05 44M

2/27/2006 7:42 am

I guess but I wouldn't be suprised if I never met her!

loadeddice05 44M

2/27/2006 9:58 pm

I thought we were gonna just admire each other from afar? Besides I'll fall in love with you and you still love Mr.W???? I'd be assed out! My heart couldn't take this! LOL! LOL! LOL! How's it goin gorgeous? I thought you were on a date?

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