god morning...  

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10/26/2005 9:51 pm

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god morning...

my readers!

It愀 Thursday morning and I havn愒 got out of bed yet.. Just reach out for my laptop (as I do every morning) and went through my mail.

Almost every morning a have a letter from the other side of the world waiting for me, and it愀 a good start of the day reading about life on that side of the planet. Thanks J! Soon we惻l meet in real life, looking forward to having a very good glass of wine and an excellent meal in your company.

And yes, I am addicted to Internet - SO WHAT?! Just because I spend a lot of time on the net doesn't mean that I don愒 have a real life.. With lots of friends and activities.

And no I惴 late for work,iiiik!
Gotta run!

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