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10/24/2005 4:28 pm

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At work the ratio of women to men is really high. And a majority of them are from fair to fantastic in looks, and single or divorced. Amongst the divorcees, ther are the men-haters, which after suffering nasty divorces you can almost understand their angst. They are still great looking, but are untouchable.

Thanks to company policies against fraternization and dubious equal treatment laws (yes, for the most part they are there for a good reason), sometimes a guy can feel intimidated when talking to the opposite sex.

We must be MCPs (Male Chauvanist Pigs), because we can't seem to stop looking at a chick's breasts when we speak to them. Some of us can't help it that we love tits! And it doesn't really matter what kind of breasts they have. If the lookee is an A cup or a DD we're going to look. We can't help it! We value our opposite sex coworkers input, listen, and respond appropriately and professionally, but still we love looking at their breasts!

Talking with them during lunches and breaks can be awkward, too. Several times we've wanted to tell female coworkers that we work closely with how we feel but thankfully our common sense kicks in and a strong desire to keep our jobs overrides that part of our body that really wanted to do the talking.

Oh yeah, what about the girls at work who wear the low cut slacks and g-string underwear. When they bend over to pick up something, use the fax machine, or whatever, we have to leave the room to keep from acting or saying something inappropriately.

Yes, there are those of the female persuasion that find us reasonably attractive And maybe there are those at work looking for a relationship. There's enough "covert" flirting that confirms this.

But is the risk of losing one's job worth satisfying your curiousity? One of these day's I'm going to find out

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