My First and only :( Bisexual experience  

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10/5/2005 11:43 am

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My First and only :( Bisexual experience

My first experience was strange to say the least. I made friends with a black graphic artist when living in a college dorm in the early 80's. How we met is a blur (too many years ago) but we shared an interest in stereo equipment and I had given him a ride to a local stereo shop to pick up a refurnished equalizer. Anyway, when we got back to the dorm I helped him install the equalizer and our conversation turned to that of drawing. He asked if he could draw me and I agreed. We had been drinking and the alcohol was having it's de-inhibiting effect on me because he then asked for me to take off my pants and shirt and wanted to draw me in a prone position. He drew for a little while and then asked if he could draw me completely nude. With minimum reluctance I agreed and he...not I...removed my underwear. I still remember how his hands felt as he removed my briefs. I resumed my pose and he begin drawing again. A little while later he asked how hard I was. At this point I was semi-erect. To my suprise he reached out and begin to stroke my cock. What was even more of a surprise was that I didn't resist. I enjoyed the feel of his hand gliding up and down my shaft and the feel of his hands gently messaging my balls.

But, all of a sudden, there was a knock on the door. I quickly got dressed before he answered the door. It was late at night and his drunk roommate had returned with a "date" - a very inebriated blond who was all over him. Without paying any attention to me he went over my graphic artist friend and talked to him for about a minute. My friend looked over to me and gestured towards the door. It turned out, of course, that his roommate wanted some "privacy."

We left the room and my friend showed me an empty room on the 3rd floor of the dorm. He had brought his drawing pad and pencil with him.
I assumed that he was going to finish drawing me. However when he closed and locked the door he came over to me and begin loosing my pants and I let them fall to the floor. He then pulled my briefs down. What happened next kind of shocked me. He begin jacking me off as before but then after about a minute of this he engulfed my cock in his mouth and began to suck my dick, as he continued to alternately jack me off and masssage my balls. The sensation was mind-blowing. I had my dick sucked off by a girl a couple of months earlier for the first time, but I had never felt sensations like what I was feeling then. After several minutes of expert sucking I felt a load of cum build in my balls like I had never felt before. I grabbed his head and beging to fuck his face in an almost all-out fervor until my clock exploded - sending stream after stream of cum down his throat. After I finished coating his throught with my cum he had me resume my pose and he finished drawing me.

For some reason, either out of fear of being caught, lack of time, or out of being unsure of if I wanted reciprocate what he had done with me, I never returned the favor, and several weeks later he moved out and I never saw him again.

I will never forget that experience and how it made me feel though, and I still desire to have a repeat performance of that day, except this time it will be both ways, and not just one.

rm_hornyone235 48M/53F
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10/5/2005 4:49 pm

very nice story loved it very much,hope you write the ending soon,,lol

justvisitin0205 57M

10/6/2005 4:16 am

Love those happy endings.....

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