Well, here I am...  

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4/17/2006 7:22 pm
Well, here I am...

I've actually been on AdultFriendFinder before under a different handle (geez, I don't even recall it.) I think it was while I was still married.

But I had four major life events happen within a month of each other...I separated from my ex-spouse, I decided to sell my house (even though we both lived there it was in my name only - smart move!), I was downsized from my job, and I turned 40.

So the end result - divorce 7 months later, alimony for 6 months after that, house sold, resume went on monster.com after I decided to move either south or west (south won), and now I'm 41 and live like I'm 25. When you spent most of the last 20 years married it's pretty liberating, especially when you almost went right from living at the parents' after college to sleeping with your new spouse and dealing with her 4 year old.

Now I'm looking for the missing piece of the puzzle. I'm relatively secure financially, finally losing a lot of the physical baggage from being married to my ex and the stress she incurred (about 50 pounds so far, 80 to go), and have gotten to love this area in the last 18 months I've lived here (moved here in October of 2004.) I rarely miss Ohio, particularly the snowy and cold winters.

I will say that I enjoy the blog portion (obviously) so I just might become a paying member sooner than I planned. I don't know if it makes a difference but this way I can give a little bit more depth to the nice ladies out there who may be interested in me. And if not, I just enjoy seeing myself in print.

So I await the ladies of Delmarva with open arms...we'll see whether I have hosannas or bricks thrown at me I guess.

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