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5/21/2006 6:14 pm

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I was originally going to call this entry "Update" until I saw that it was entry #13. And I think it's either going to be lucky where the person who this is aimed at will see the "error" (for lack of a better word) of her ways, or someone else will read it and say, gee, he seems like a great guy, let me find out more about him.

On the other hand, it could be unlucky as I piss the person off beyond remaining in what relationship she does have with me, or further, piss off every woman within a 200 mile radius who reads this. I suppose it will be someplace in the middle though - maybe 120 miles.

There's not been much to update. I think I'm on the third time now where a certain someone and I were supposed to get together and "something comes up." Now, in and of themselves they are legit excuses, but they are excuses and I already was married to the queen of them.

(As the late Sam Kinison would say:

"People ask me, aren't you afraid of making jokes about Jesus, aren't you afraid of going to hell?

Hell? I was married for TWO FUCKING YEARS!! Hell would be like Club Med!!")

I think there's something about me that can be either a blessing or a curse. I literally live by myself. I have no dog, no cat, no goldfish, my stepdaughter that I claim (not the one excuse queen had, but the other one that I love because I helped raise her from age 4) is 22 and lives 400 miles away, the rest of my family lives 500 or more miles away, and the only demands on my time I don't necessarily control are work, my bowling night, and my one club meeting a month. The last two I choose to participate in, the first one gives me a nice check every two weeks and I enjoy the people there.

So if I want to go to a Shorebirds game and I'm not doing one of the other three above items, I ask for the tix from work and I'm there. Feel like jumping in the car and bumming about? See ya.

Now I'm willing to share that time with a nice lady (or ladies, since I know not all of you ladies out there are in my boat.) Obviously kids are a demand on time, work is too, sometimes even the dog. And I understand that. What I don't like is being told something could happen, looking forward to it, and when it's the appointed time, I get blown off. Now this woman has kids, and I can see where they demand time. Just be considerate of my end - if you can't make it, let me know and reschedule. And when you reschedule, make sure you keep that time open for me.

It's a reason I sort of prefer women with no kids, and obviously no husband!

And I can see where some may think I'm selfish. I don't need the frustration, that's all. I'm still less than 2 years removed from my nightmare.

So I hope that the people who read this understand where I'm coming from. It's almost to the point with this woman where I start wondering what excuse will be next. All I'm looking for is a woman to share time with and who enjoys a lot of the activities I do. Is that too much to ask? Apparently.

42DDandWet 62F

5/21/2006 6:56 pm

You sound like the kind of guy, I would think, most woman would want to meet. Wish you were closer Darlin. {=}

lkn4lvrdelmarva replies on 5/22/2006 2:30 pm:
Well, Delmarva can always use the tourism, so come on up. Georgia's not on my vacation plans this year, except passing through on the way to Florida.

lkn4lvrdelmarva replies on 5/24/2006 3:17 pm:
Oh, and another thing...since your profile says you're 590 miles away, I guess my range of "pissing off" is less than that distance anyway.

And the feeling is mutual, you seem to have the same pet peeve I do about making a date commitment and sticking to it. I try to be as considerate as I can, and it's annoying when that level of consideration isn't present.

Anyway, thanks for responding, 42.

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