so with that out of the way...  

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5/22/2005 8:41 pm

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so with that out of the way...

band practice is a cool thing because it's 'official' and it's something the four of us alone decide's a commitment we share and one i prepare for intensely. lately i've been writing a lot of music and lyrics so the last hour or so before practice becomes a particularly sensitive time for me, because i'm anxious to play and also feeling like a phony because my music and words are probably a disgrace to the sport of music...but what do i know. so tonight on my way home for practice, a man flags me down and asks for a ride. he's bleeding into a towel and holding some paperwork, apparently his g/f has a good right hook, better him than me. anyway over the course of our five minutes together i learned a lot about Will. he loves the woman who beat the hell out of him and he was concerned what would happen if he didn't get home quickly to check on her. typically i'd just say this guy is off his rocker, but Will seemed to have it together. maybe he deserved getting punched, maybe his girlfriend is bonkers...regardless i was glad i gave him a ride and i was glad to meet a guy who obviously knew what NOT to say to a woman. he and i had a good talk about why a real man doesn't fight back and how a man's true strength is in his ability to adjust-if she wants to hit it's just time to move on, there's no room for fighting back. i don't know where this is headed, i met a guy who was obviously not going to murder the woman who beat him up and i was relieved to know he had the right mindset.

Will was a big dude too, I wonder what she hit him with to screw his jaw/teeth up so bad...

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