The Struggles of a Nasty Gal...  

lizalickem4u 58F
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7/19/2006 4:45 am

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7/24/2006 7:22 pm

The Struggles of a Nasty Gal...

Oh my, how a gal does struggle when she discovers that there is a big ol'nasty world out there just waiting for her to reap the nasty benefits!!! I can't help but be amused at seeing how one gal just flips back and forth, conflicted and struggling with the simple fact that she LOVES sex, relishes her sexuality...but due to her societal conditioning (always good to place the blame on society as a whole) she just can't "allow" herself to let go and surround herself with the people that would enhance her adventure rather than hinder it.

Why not just go to church, devote yourself to the monogamous concepts and devices of a stricter calling...deny yourself as you have found yourself doing a few goodness married so many times and still not even 40...gosh, perhaps you bought into the concept that you have to be married to have sex?????? Perhaps you were blinded by what you THOUGHT was LOVE and THE ONE and ONLY Man thing...

Who the hell knows what goes on in such a conflicted woman???? Who the hell cares????? I guess to some extent I see myself in small glimpses but then I've never been one the NEEDED or had to have a man to make my life complete...make my world rock...oh yes, a man that fulfills me sexually, helps me fulfill my fantasies is always a big plus, an added benefit, but definitely NOT necessary.

Yes, I am fortunate to have a man in my life that rocks my world...but you know he has always encouraged me to venture forth and be the nasty gal that I life and grab all the sex and cocks that I can...

I see the desperation in these women...this woman...yes, you know what a big turn off it is to be a desperate woman???? It is like the warning bells and signals go run the other way...yes, a desperate woman will remain quite lonely in her quest...her quest for the ONE and, to think that this woman will flip back and forth, bask in the drama of her own making...maybe that's it...

The drama, some gals live for the drama...they read too many fairy tales as a young girl and bought into the Knight in Shining Armor deal hook, line and sinker...then you couple that with movies and good looking, handsome, well built actors to put faces with the fantasies...well, guess what, The Knight might not be the twin brother of Brad Pitt or whoever makes your pussy wet...

Yes, sit around the computer day in and day out, night after night and wait for The One and Only...fuck yourself sore with your toys, web cam with all the couples and folks out there in cyberland...dream and wish for the man that will ALLOW? (what the fuck is that all about, a man to "allow" you to be and do what you want????? HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!) you to webcam and be the nasty gal that you are...

Wow, stop flipping back and forth...give yourself permission to live your life...quit with the I'm going to hold out for Mr. Right cause he's never going to show...or maybe it never occurred to you that he has already made an appearance, you've already experienced him and just passed him on by because he didn't match up with all the fucking ridiculous criteria of your One and Only...

Course I wonder what amusement I would have if the nasty gals posting in their blogs of their struggles suddenly found themselves following some of my sage advice...Oh, not to worry, I really don't linger long with their dilemmas...I leave them to their struggles and grab all the wonderful men with cocks in hand waiting to have their chance to play with a nasty gal...

Life is what you make of it, get off the computer and live a bit in realtime my dears...spread those luscious legs, expose that hot, wet pussy...BE the Nasty Gal that you really are!!!!!!

rm__manecas 34M
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7/19/2006 4:57 am

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fantasylover_05 62M

7/19/2006 5:28 am

What a great outlook on life!

Life is indeed what we make of it!


rm_acman52 67M
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7/19/2006 2:54 pm

you go girl, nice to hear what a woman wants and goes for it. Sorry so far away if ever in indiana give a a buzz

leegs55 54M

7/21/2006 4:27 pm

great stuff..and very nice pic of u!!!

lizalickem4u 58F

7/24/2006 7:22 pm

I really wonder if any of the gals on AdultFriendFinder ever read these blogs...oh sure, the guys do...but those poor "wannabe" nasty girls...I can't help but lmao at the few blogs that I have read in the past few days...oh my, there are some gals that are really struggling...thank Heavens it is all online...Heaven forbid you all ever step out into real time and experience the fabulous nasty life that is out there...the wonderful hard cocks to be fucked...the balls to be emptied...always amazing to me at how many people can't quite get goodness I am a cynical bitch aren't I????

That's okay, leaves more hard cocks for me!!!!!

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