Self Loving  

lizalickem4u 58F
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4/22/2006 8:14 am

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4/24/2006 8:07 pm

Self Loving

I lay there in my bed as the morning sun begins to creep through the blinds...I throw back the sheet uncovering my nakedness. I cup my breasts and then reach one hand between my legs...I am moist, perhaps from the dreams that are fleeting as the light brings the day...

I run my finger up and down my moist slit, my nipples begin puffing with my excitement...I take my other hand and pull my outer pussy lips back, exposing my tiny, sensitive clit which is now forming into a marble of sexual heat...I lick one of my fingers and begin to ever so gently touch my hard little juices begin to flow...

I insert one finger, two fingers and feel my womanly delights...I strum my clit ever so gently and finger myself in and out...oh the pleasure, the tension building...I hold the fingers that I have been inserting into my pussy to my mouth and lick them, tasting myself...hmmmm such good tasting pussy...

Then back my fingers go, becoming sticky with my juices, my clit at full attention, my nipples begging for more attention...I reach up and pinch first one nipple then the other...the electric jolts shoot through me...I continue my self loving, fingering my womanly wetness, strumming my hard little clit...I am getting close, close to that edge...not wanting to fall over the edge...hang on, hang onto that ever incredible sexual height...

I plunge my fingers deeper and I feel the muscles begin to contract, I'm there, I've reached the pussy has a reaction of her own and she is pulsing and spasming in delightful sexual pleasure...I strum my clit as long as I can stand soon becomes so sensitive I can no longer continue to touch her...

I close my eyes and smile...what a wonderful way to start the morning...perhaps there is more in store...but what a wonderful beginning....

greatguyintul 55M
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4/22/2006 8:16 am

mmmmmm Good morning!

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lifeisablast333 53M

4/24/2006 7:37 pm

I think that maybe you will need to install a cold shower in you blog, just to calm all of us down a bit.....the redneck

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