New New Toy - King Tut  

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7/9/2006 5:55 am

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New New Toy - King Tut

I can't wait to use my new "toy!" Oh yes, like the toy chest didn't have enough sex paraphernalia...I do have quite a many shapes and sizes...and now another vibrator is added to the mix. The name of this vibrator is "The King Tut II." (Not sure why the II, I couldn't find the King Tut I version...doesn't matter, I bought the King Tut II!!).

Now, why would a woman that has many men at her disposal have or want sex toys? Let's face it there are times when you want to just take things into your own hands and get that orgasm, takes the edge off of the moment, Hell may even take the edge off of the whole day...though I'm one that does find myself starting the thought process of sex all over again in about an hour...not much different than a guy taking his cock into his hands and jacking himself isn't from lack of partners on my part, it is the lack of convenience...I would say that my libido is much more managable since I can take matters into my hands with a toy from time to time...course this brings the question, how many times a day do you masturbate?

Answer would be depends on what day it is...if it is a week day, probably once a day, in the morning getting ready for how the "glow" just helps put the finishing touches on the makeup!!! On the weekend...just depends on what I have going on...if I'm alone for the weekend for the most part then I play as the mood strikes me...nothing like being able to get myself off and then having a friend stop by and start the process all over again...ahhh the delicious possibilities...hardly any downtime at all!!!! But that's the beauty of being a woman...doesn't take long to recover from an orgasm before starting again...

Course you have to watch those full body those take a bit more time to subside...but gawd, don't you just love those major jolts of ecstasy surging through your body...I can honestly say I have not experienced a full body orgasm at my own hands...I've come/cum close but I have learned that the full body orgasms usually occur with a partner that is all about making sure I get my pleasure...I just LOVE fast learners!!!! I digress...back to the toy...

A friend once asked me if women think about sex as much as men and if they do how often does a woman take matters into her hands and get herself off? I had never really given it much thought other than the convenience of being able to get one of my toys, though sometimes I use only my hands and find a nice spot to get into my mind, thus get into my pussy...oh fabulous that we're so self contained!!!

Oh, I have heard about women that become dependent on their me, I'm a LONG ways from that...I much prefer the real deal, a real cock on a real man for that overall completion of a sexual act...but there are even some instances where being toy proficient can provide an added benefit in sex play with a partner!!!

But the jist of this post is that I have a NEW toy, a new incredible vibrator with various speeds and directions of spin...a little "helper" for the clit...I'll attach a pic of the new jewel to my treasure chest...who knows maybe before the day is over I'll do a pick with me demonstrating how I use the new toy!!!

(Thank you to my toy distributor, you know who you are!!!!)

lizalickem4u 58F

7/9/2006 5:14 pm

Wow, now that is some toy!!!!! It has two controls to adjust to the level of has a vibrating control and a "squirm" control!!!! Wowza!!!! Then it has a little nibbler thingy to tickle the clit...adjuting the vibrating control adjusts the flicking of the little tongues on the clit...awesome toy to say the least!!!!

Interesting deal is the squirm goes round and round inside the pussy...then you can make it squirm the opposite way!!!

Next time I'll take pics...not sure if the pics will do the toy justice but who knows!!!!

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