Married Men...aren't they something????????  

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6/17/2006 5:47 am

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7/4/2006 4:01 pm

Married Men...aren't they something????????

What??? Married men? Married men here on AdultFriendFinder??? Married men wanting some action, wanting sex with another woman other than their wife...playing without their wife...must be VERY discreet. Hell, you think I'm going to go and broadcast that I'm fucking a married man????? Good grief!!!! Course the married man rarely has a pic of profile pic and then the pics that they take of themself looking in a creative!!! Better yet they have a pic of only their many pics of the same damned cock do I receive from several different married men?

Then we have the "size" of the cock factor of the married man...I do know that men and women define the term "average" cock size as totally and completely differently. I have learned that the most married man deem the size of his 3 to 5 inch cock as "average" size (could this be part of the reason that their marriage is now "sexless?") Size does matter to definition of "average" cock size is 5 to 7 inches. I don't need a HUGE cock, 8 inches or better...I would like to have a cock that is average by my definition...just my preference. I can work with a smaller cock, but if asked I will tell you what I if you don't want to know, don't ask, just assume. Married men are REALLY good at assuming anything, everything...just assuming.

I really enjoy the mail from the married guys that feel they are doing ME, a single gal, a favor by wanting to "hook up" with me. Isn't that amazing????? Course the rude notes after 11:00 p.m. at night tells me that the wife has already gone to bed and the married guy is more than likely sitting there at the home computer, holding his cock in his hand, looking at the pics of the women here on AdultFriendFinder, hoping to find a pic of a pussy to jack himself off to...or maybe he's a full gold member and can access the web cams and watch women, men and couples having sex...the average married guy will sned me a note between the night hours of 11:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m.

I realize I think a bit farther outside of the box than the average nasty gal but come on guys...why in the world would a single woman be sitting around at her computer waiting for your dumb, cheating asses to grace me with a note telling me how you want to have "no strings attached" sex??? I have no problem having "no strings attached" long as it is on my terms and fits what I'm seeking...into MY schedule. Course I love the married men that want ME to arrange my schedule to accomodate when they can get together with me. Again, I get the impression that these married guys see me as sitting home all day/all night long, naked, with my legs spread just waiting for that wonderful married guy to come/cum over and stick his "average" sized cock in me and ROCK my world!!!!! Now that is funny!!! I suppose there are women out there in cyberland that actually do sit at home at the computer all day/all night long and wait for a man, be he married or not to send her a note wanting to have sex with her...I'm NOT one of them...I actually have a fulltime day pays the bills...Anyhoooo....

Let's talk about the logistics of the married man...first of all, how many married men have actually thought the process through further than what they put in their profiles or what they jack off to secretly in the bathroom while the wifey sleeps???? I'll answer this one, not many. When I ask a married guy WHERE he is going to conduct this sexual hook-up it is quite comical the response/replies I receive...85% have no clue. Getting beyond a face to face meeting over a drink and/or dinner is as far as they've gone with this thought process. I really wonder if they thought they would actually MEET a real, live woman off of here.

Then there are the 10% that "assume" they will be invited back to "my place" for some sexual recreation...should they be able to hold their own over a drink/dinner and there is a remote attraction between the two of us. My goodness, how presumptious!!!!

Then there is that 5% that have actually thought the whole damned process completely through...they are the ones that I enjoy "hooking up." This small percentage of married men are great guys...not presumptious as to "where" we're going to get together...understand and are willing to work with me as far as scheduling to get together...and best of all, don't think they are doing me some big assed favor by sending me a note and wanting to get together!!!

There is a difference in wanting, desiring, LOVING sex and being desperate for sex. I'm on this site because I LOVE sex. I'm not on this site because I'm desperate and most of all, I'm NOT searching for that "one and only" guy. I'm on this site to find a man or men that enjoy the physicality of sex without the emotional strings attached...I'm seeking that man that wants mutual sexual gratification...

It is amazing at how many married men write me wanting to exchange or trade-in their sexless wife for a new, sexually enthused model. Oh yes, they tout that they are seeking a "no strings" attached type of gal but do you know how many men I have met that actually think I would want a "life" with them???? Good grief, my profile clearly states the kind of man I'm seeking and what I'm seeking...

Which brings this post full circle in that I realize that 99% of the men here on AdultFriendFinder don't or can't read...thus, most never really check out the profile...they definitely check out the pics and want are such visual creatures...give them a picture of a naked woman or better yet a pussy and they are in their element!!!

I am always thrilled when that 1% actually takes the time to compose a half-way intelligent note to me, laying out what it is he is seeking and hoping that I can find something in his profile that I'm seeking...doesn't happen very often...when it does it is very rewarding for us both...too bad there are so many "bad apples" out there in Married Man Land...

I could go on and on about the married men in sexless marriages that are here on AdultFriendFinder...but what would be the point??? The plain and simple fact is that there are always going to be men that seek sex outside of their "monogamous" marriage...there are always going to be men in "sexless" marriages...which hey, I don't have a problem with getting together with a married man to have sex...I have a problem with the married men here on AdultFriendFinder that just don't understand that THEY are the desperate ones, they are the ones seeking sex somewhere else besides their happy homes, with someone other than their wonderful sexless wives...spare me the notes of favor and good will, I am not the one having the problem of finding someone to have sex.

So, my dear married men, spare me the rude notes and declarations of how you're going to FUCK FUCK FUCK ME TILL I EXPLODE!!!! Spare me the declarations that I can't handle what you've got to offer...I'm not the one that cums within a few minutes after initiating sex...I can and will go the duration with you...oh, don't worry, I know how and will get my sexual pleasure and definitely my orgasm out of you and our time together...spare me the notes in ALL CAPS, I just delete those without reading them unless I'm in a cynical mood and then I will more than likely send a similar response...but come on, you're not doing ME any favor by offering your sexual isn't a competition of sorts...its about sex and the pure physical gratification that two people can find in sexual contact.

rm_devildog1124 40M/41F
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6/17/2006 6:58 am

Wow... you really do have alot to say... and I agree with most of it. I guess it is good that me and my husband play together on this thing... not to replace each other just to add a little spice... and believe me we are have a very sexy relationship... But, I do feel bad for the single gals and the creeps of the world... always barking up the wrong dress. By the way I am Ms Butterfly, we are new and just wanted to say Hi! Have a great one.


6/17/2006 7:12 am

WOW..somebody who enables married men to cheat is actually criticizing them. Hmmm....if you are going to have sex with married men, thus enabling their adultery, then you might as well take the crap that comes with it.

lizalickem4u 58F

6/17/2006 7:54 am

Interesting line of thinking, "enabling" married men to cheat, enabling adultry...sounds like the "moral" sheriff is hot on my trail!!!! This site is a sex and swingers site...not just for "singles only" right???? Basically AdultFriendFinder is promoting as well as enabling married men and women to "cheat" and commit "adultry." You do realize that don't you? Wow, that should be a pretty hefty fine on AdultFriendFinder by the moral police, huh?

Definitely sounds like monogamous thinking to me!! My initial interpretation of what AdultFriendFinder is on the internet to provide is a wide variety of sexual choices. Just like your choices are clearly stated in your profile about the kind of men you desire and seek, my preferences are clearly stated in my profile as well. Yes, even copulating with married men...and just like you would rather men that are not into BIG women not to contact you, they still do, don't they? They still send the rude, unnecessary notes commenting on your weight issues and probably even slamming you for being the marvelous, sexual creature that you are!!! So, you should just take the crap that comes with being a BBW, right? HELL NO!!!!

The reality of it all is that people, for the most part, are down right cruel...especially in a forum where they don't have to be face to face with anyone...cyberland is such a wonderful place to be rude, condescending and downright judgmental and moralistic.

I'm not saying I condone what married men, or women for that matter do, inside or outside of their marriages, it really isn't for me to judge anyone about anything they do...I return to the point of fact that life is about choices. We all have choices to make, right or wrong, good or bad, moral or not...not for me to judge...And I certainly don't have to take crap off of anyone just like I don't expect you to take crap off of anyone because you're a BBW.


6/17/2006 8:21 am

You know you are absolutely right. My apologies to you. I shouldn't have spouted off at you. I guess having recently listened to a friend cry again and again over her husband cheating on her affected me more than I realized. Hearing her pain and knowing how badly her life and her kids lives are going to be affected has probably made me more sensitive about the subject. It doesn't justify what I said to you, but just know I wasn't doing it to intentionally be mean.

lizalickem4u 58F

6/17/2006 8:47 am

No need to apologize for sharing your thoughts and opinions. I appreciate and respect your comments and views. I don't have to agree with is good to disagree in a civilized fashion and I feel that you were very civilized.

The unfortunate side of life is that there are those people that make choices that do more harm than good. Again, I'm not condoning the cheating or adultry but definitely not judging it. I could go on and on about the married men I see and the reasons behind why they come/cum to me...but no need to bore you with all that, though I think it would provide more of a sense of the "why" I see married men...but again, no need to bore you with line of thinking and thought process.

Again, no need to apologize for sharing your thoughts and opinions. I enjoyed reading your profile and hope you find the pleasure and fun that you are seeking. Thank you for taking the time to comment and follow-up.

tyme2play1985 49M

6/23/2006 8:11 am

Well, liza, I've taken some time to process your thoughts on the subject of married men. While I am not married, I amin a long-term relationship; yet, here I am on AdultFriendFinder looking for someone to bless me with some excitement and eroticism in my sex life.

I agree with your complaints about the approaches taken by married men. As I see it, this site is about the pleasure of sexual encounters. The problem, however, is that there are 36,000 guys (locally) registered as members of AdultFriendFinder, with but 3,800 women seeking those guys. Tough market! Add to that, the discretion required if you are married and the consequent desire to avoid hurting a person you care about, yet attain the sexual fullfilment you crave, and you find guys doing everything they can to stand out in the crowd.

I can't imagine the number e-mails, winks, messages, etc., that you and the other women members of AdultFriendFinder must sort through to decide who is worth allowing to share that which is THE most beautiful thing on earth - the female body. Your original comments give some advice on what YOU are looking for in your contacts from married men, but that may not be what others are responding to. And, let's face it, not every woman on AdultFriendFinder shares the same open, non-judgmental attitude which you bring to the subject of "married but looking." As a friend of mine says, "Sometimes it's better to be a freight train coming down the track."

For me, I just keep trying to say hello and hope that at some point one of the many intriguing women will respond and strike up a conversation. It hasn't happened yet, but who knows? Maybe my low key approach will prove successful.

bdiscreet1962 54M

6/29/2006 7:50 am

Standing out in a crowd is what you don't want to do. You want discreetness and you want sex. When your wife is no longer interested in sex and is going through the midlife crisis you learn that arguing gets you nowhere. You have kids and extended family and the list goes on of who gets hurt in a situation like that. You have heard it's a small world, well it's amazing how many people you see anyplace you go. So you don't want to go. You want a quiet place where you can enjoy someone who is hungry for a man who doesn't mind satisfying a woman because he knows how.
A man gets tired of fantasy and pictures. He wants real flesh to fondle and make his hunger subside. It's true a woman can satisfy herself and will. So can a man and he does. But the purpose of this type of forum is to meet someone who wants sex. If a man puts down he is married and is only looking for a sexual relationship perhaps there is more there than meets the eye. I am married and would not hurt the people I love if I can help it. So is there guilt? Sure there is. When you have exhausted your arguments and still have needs you start looking in other directions.
Why no picture? Someone may know you on this forum. You lose your wife, your house, your kids, your image, your respect, etc... A woman loses her husband. Who she isn't fulfilling any more anyway. Divorce is a copout. You have responsibilities to the people around you. So you look for a way out without leaving or divorcing. You want to keep your man? Dress for him like you do for your boss. Don't make him come home to a dishievled woman who looks like hell warmed over. Desire him and make him feel desirable. Want him and let him know it. Don't treat him like the check book, When he has money great and when he doesn't with disgust. Bring romance back into the marriage. Be sexy for him. He's probobly the guy your looking for.

lizalickem4u 58F

6/29/2006 11:16 am


Thanks for your comments...though I'm not really sure of your intent...are you giving advice to all those married gals that want to keep their men interested or ?????????

I can assure you that when I was married if I wasn't getting sex at home, I was getting it somewhere...guilt? No, I didn't feel guilty. Why would you feel guilty? Yes, I know there are men out there that feel guilty about seeking sex from another woman but if they aren't getting it at home and believe me, I've heard many, many reasons as to why married men seek sex elsewhere...but honestly I don't think 95% of the married men seeking sex outside of their marital bonds are seeking to "replace" their wife. There are those few bad apple guys that do send me off on a tangent...I guess to some extent there may be some validity to wanting to stand out in the crowd of so many married or attatched men so they come up with some real interesting "demands" on a single gal...

The plain and simple of it to me is that I don't have a problem with a married or attached man as long as he's not seeking some sort of emotional attachment...

But again, I have read and reread your post and am just not sure what your point is other than you're providing some advice to married women on what they need to do to keep their man interested.

pisces22240 50M

7/4/2006 1:41 am

Hollie Smoke..
Haven't heard that much complaining from someone in some time. Have you ever heard of enabler. Don't like the channel change it. Your profile should have Dominatrix in it. Put all that anger to use. Treat those bad boys they way they need to be treated. Lot of guys like that. For real. This is a Adult area. If a few(Tons by your description.)Idiots bother you. Don't e-mail, chat, contact etc. etc. Your blood pressure will drop 10 points. In fairness, most all of what you discussed had the ring of truth to it. How old are you that you just realized men are visual. Lets complain the sun is coming up or the sky is blue. Life is to short to be that pumped over something you have at best minimal control. PS. Thanks, I find, I'm at least average.

lizalickem4u 58F

7/4/2006 4:01 pm

To rant and rave, vent a bit, clear the air of those little niggly things that feel like a splinter in the paw...not to worry my dear pisces22240, I don't let these guys bother me other than however long it takes me to type out a blog post...honestly, I find it sadistically comical that these guys just have their own little mind deal going on...whatever makes their pecker stick up, hey, you can be sure I'm getting all that I can out of the situation...

Then there are those of you like yourself that feel I am an "enabler!" Funny thing is, I don't do any of the contacting, they all contact me...but wait...what does that make AdultFriendFinder? Let's face it AdultFriendFinder is an "enabler" site when you really think about it...because a sex and swingers site provides those that seek sex and swinging, right????

The married guys and gals that are going to step out on their spouses are going to do it whether they contact me or some other gal...Hell the number of married folks here on AdultFriendFinder "married but looking" is just amazing!!!! There are just as many married gals looking for that added spice to their sex lives, or just finding what they don't have at home with sex as there are married men...married women probably have better luck at finding a partner than their married counterparts...but nonetheless, folks are gonna stray...if they're not getting it at home, they're going to get it somewhere...if that makes me an enabler, there you go...add enabler to my list of titles!!!

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