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I was looking forward to having the house to myself. Mommy and Daddy were gone for the evening, not due back until VERY late. I was excited that I would finally have an opportunity to play with my "new toy." I unlocked the front door and entered the hallway, expecting it to be dark and quiet...but there was a light on back in my parents' bedroom, dimly lighting the long hallway. I could hear the noise of the TV as well. Shit, someone was home after all. Damn the luck.

"Honey, is that you?" I heard my daddy's voice call out.
"Yes, Daddy," I replied.
"Okay. Your mother is out for the evening, probably won't be back until late. If you're hungry I can fix you a sandwich." He called to me. I stood there debating whether or not to pop my head in his door or go on to my room and settle in for the evening. I decided it would be best to make an appearance, that way I could head to my room and enjoy myself knowing that Daddy was content to watch his shoes and snooze like he usually does. The door to their bedroom was half-shut. I pushed it open to find my Daddy wrapped up in his terrycloth robe, propped up on some pillows watching one of his news shows.

"I thought you were supposed to go with Mom," I said.
"I was but I wasn't feeling all that well so I decided to just stay home and relax," he explained. "I'm glad I didn't go, I've had a hard week and I feel so much better just laying here and relaxing. How was your day, Sweetie?"
"Great, same ol'same ol. I was looking forward to getting caught up on some of my reading, get a head start on some research for one of my school projects," I replied. I was thinking of how I was going to get caught up on my masturbation fun, try out my new vibrator...then I realized that Daddy was dressed in his bathrobe...did he have anything on underneath that robe. His dark hairy legs were crossed on the bed and I suddenly wanted to know if he was naked underneath his robe.

"Will Mom be out late?" I asked.
"Yes, she said something about not being home until after midnight," he replied. I wanted to know if Daddy was naked...why in the world, I had never really wanted to see my Daddy naked before, but for some reason I just had to know. I decided to venture further and sit on the bed and talk a bit to Daddy before heading to my room.

"So, you're feeling better, Daddy?" I asked.
"Yes, as a matter of fact I am. I'm surprised you're home so early but glad you are and glad your day was uneventful. Getting a head start on your project, good for you," he replied. I sat down next to him and he reached out and patted my bare leg. I was wearing one of my school skirts with my knee highs...rather childish looking but then kind of naughty since the skirt was so short.

"I am getting the impression you want to talk about something...something bothering you Sweetie?" Daddy asked.
"Well, not really bothering me...I've had these urges lately, Daddy. You know, sexual urges," I replied watching and waiting for his reaction. There was a long silence. I felt Daddy's hand on my back.

"Sexual urges?" Daddy finally asked.
"Yes, I've been looking at the boys at school and while they are fun and exciting and I do enjoy messing with them...I've been looking at adult men lately and wondering what they look like, you know what their cocks look like compared to the guys my age," I replied. I moved closer to Daddy on the bed and cuddled up to him on his collection of pillows propping him up. I wanted to open his robe and check him out...I put my hand on his upper thigh on his robe. His breathing quickened, I wondered how far he would let me go, hey, why not? Might be more fun than my new little toy. There was a long pause and Daddy leaned forward and fluffed his pillows and then put his arm around me.

"Do you think you really should be thinking and wondering about men's cocks? I know you're curious Sweetie, but you really shouldn't be thinking about what grown men look like naked. You really need to work on suppressing those urges," Daddy finally replied. I moved my hand towards the opening edge of his robe, I wanted to look at my Daddy, I wanted to see if he was naked and what his cock looked like, if it was all covered with pub hair, dark and thick like the hair on his legs...

I moved my hand to the edge of the robe and held it there. Daddy's arm tensed a bit around my shoulders.

"Please, Daddy, can I look?" I asked in a quiet little voice. His breathing grew even quicker. I couldn't resist, I tugged at the fabric and pulled it to me...Daddy was completely naked underneath his robe...his cock was laying in a semi-limp state but was stirring a bit now that it had been uncovered.

"Oh Daddy, your cock is so big and beautiful," I gasped in amazement. He snatched the robe away from me and pulled it across to cover himself.

"Now, Baby girl, you really shouldn't be looking at Daddy," he told me sternly. I snuggled closer to him and got a hold of the edge of the robe again and started tugging on it.

"Please, Daddy," I said as I pulled his robe open again. I then took my hand and touched his hardening cock. His cock was huge by comparison to the "boys" that I had been messing around with in the back of their cars and such...Oh, Daddy's cock was fascinating. I put my whole hand on his cock and his arm around my shoulders tightened even more.

"Please, Baby, you really shouldn't be touching Daddy like that," he said trying to come to terms with my aggressiveness. I moved closer and put my other hand on his cock, it was growing hard rapidly, his dark pub hair surrounding his massive balls. I wondered how full of cum they were and wondered if Daddy would let me have that load boiling in his balls.

I felt his hand rubbing my back and then I felt his hand move down my back to my ass cheek. I sat up and starred at his hard cock and then moved down between his legs to get a better few of this magnificent cock. I wanted to worship this cock but most of all I wanted to get that cock in me!!!

"Oh, Daddy, your cock is soooo big!" I exclaimed in delight. I couldn't tell if he was embarressed that I was looking at his hard cock or proud of how hard he was getting and that I wanted his hard cock. I was crawling up between his legs and put both of my hands on it, surrounding it. I put my face close to it, I couldn't resist I moved to put my mouth on it. Daddy sucked a big breath in as I delicately placed my lips to the tip of the oozed precum offering me that first taste of fabulous things to come/cum...hmmmmmmmmmm. I began to flick my wicked little tongue, almost instinctively around the rim of his cock...I felt his hands on my head, running his fingers through my hair.

"Oh Baby, that feels so damned good...but you shouldn't...oh Baby, Daddy likes your wicked little mouth," he whispered and cooed as I tried to take more of him into my mouth. He was too big to take much of it into my mouth, I tried relaxing my throat muscles to take more but I couldn't, he was just too big...I licked up and down the hard shaft and down to his balls nesting on his thick dark pubic hair. I licked and kissed first one massive ball and then the other...

Daddy moaned and his hips began to thrust up to my hungry little mouth, filling me with his pussy was hot and wet, I could hardly stand to continue. I stopped and Daddy looked up at me. I stood up and unbuttoned my blouse, throwing it aside, then my bra leaving my hardening nipples in delightful sight for him...then off with my little plaid skirt, leaving only my white thong panties...I pulled them off with a quick movement and then was back on the bed wanting another taste of his hardness.

Daddy then took me in his arms and hugged me close, kissing me full on the lips.
"We shouldn't be doing this," he whispered in between the kisses. I felt his large hand on my marble-like nipples, I loved his touch and marveled at how incredibly hot this was having Daddy touching me, licking me, sucking my nipples, fingering my wet pussy...

"Baby, you're so wet, you're such a nasty girl!!! You're Daddy's nasty girl, aren't you?" He asked as he licked down my belly pausing at my little tuft of pubs above my hot and hungry pussy.

"Yes, Daddy, I'm YOUR nasty girl, lick me Daddy, kiss and suck my pussy," I hissed and he was between my legs and spreading my legs to get a better angle at my pussy...then I felt the heat of his mouth on my very sensitive, tiny but swollen clit.

"Oh Yes, Daddy, it feels sooooooo good," I purred. He continued to lick at my pussy with delicate feathery was pure heaven. None of the "boys" that I knew could eat pussy like this...then he moved up to kiss me full on the mouth. His mouth had my flavor on it, I tasted myself on his mouth, lips and tongue.

"You taste so good, Baby," he whispered as he kissed me over and over...he was finger fucking me, my juices were now flowing, I had never been so hot and wet...then he laid me down and just looked at me...

"Baby, we shouldn't be doing this," he whispered again.
"Daddy, Mommy won't be home for hours...I need your hard cock in me, feed my pussy your cockmeat...Mommy will never know, I PROMISE I won't tell her," I begged him. He flopped over on the bed, surely he wasn't going to abandon me at this point. I raised up and looked at him.

"Please Daddy, fuck your Baby girl," I begged again. He laid there with the most incredible was calling to me, climb on I moved over to him and then got up and positioned myself such that I could slid down on his hard cock. He closed his eyes as if to block me out...I bent down as I positioned myself to where his cockhead was barely touching my outer pussy juices were already coating the tip of his cock...then very very slowly I began to lower myself onto his erection...

"Oh my God Daddy!!!! That feels so fucking good!!" I exclaimed I took more and more of him inside of me. A loud moan escaped his lips and he reached up and grabbed my shoulders.

"Oh my God Baby, you are so fucking hot, that pussy is so wet, fuck your Daddy!" He exclaimed as I found myself fully impaled on his hardness. I then began to raise myself up and then down, ever so slowly...he filled me up, filled me full of cockmeat...I could feel his cockhead swelling inside of me...I lowered myself down completely and felt his pub hairs surrounding his balls touching my ass...his balls were full of cum, I could hardly wait to feel him explode inside of me...I began to work myself up and down on his steel hard erection, my juices were running down his shaft and now down his balls...

I bent down and sucked his nipples which sent him to thrusting up to meet me...he moaned and groaned and then cupped my face in his hands. He pulled me to him and kissed me full on the mouth...I took his tongue in my mouth and sucked it...I could feel his cock beginning to throb inside of me.

"Cum in me Daddy, fill me with your jism!" I hissed at him...
"Oh Baby, Daddy is going to explode in you," he told me...and then his hands went to my hips as if to hold me down on him and he began to grimmace as his hips bucked up wildly.
"I'm cumming Baby girl, Daddy is cumming...."
"Fuck me Daddy, Fuck me!!! Yes, yes, that's it Daddy, fill your Baby girl with that cum load!!!" I cried as I sat up on him and felt his cock shooting his load deep inside of me...I rode that cock until he begged me to stop. I laid on his chest until his limp cock slid out of me, then I rolled over next to him. He pulled me to his side and we cuddled for a little while...

I waited until Daddy had dosed off and then slid off of the bed, gathered up my clothes and headed to my room. Mommy would be home soon and I didn't want her to find me there...then I decided I better cover Daddy up, make it look like he was masturabating again and had fallen asleep...I pulled his robe over him and turned off the lights...I placed a nasty book he kept in the nightstand on the bed next to him to make it look like the masturbatory scene Mommy was used to seeing with Daddy...

Back in my room I felt the fire beginning to build again...that big ol'piece of manmeat was incredible! Daddy was so much bigger than the boys I had been fucking...

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