Come on Baby...Settle for Me...Seriously????  

lizalickem4u 58F
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8/12/2006 6:30 am

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8/12/2006 12:37 pm

Come on Baby...Settle for Me...Seriously????

Seriously, why would I want to "settle" for just any hard cock that comes/cums along? I must get at least 3 - 5 emails a day begging me to "try me," "you won't be disappointed," "I've got what you want"...I mean come on, I've been clear in my profile about what I'm seeking with a man, in a man...I'm at a point in my life where I'm NOT going to settle unless you've got the most incredible piece of cockmeat that I've ever seen...not to mention that you know how to use it, have the most incredible attitude about you...well, I would be a complete idiot to not to try you out!!!!

But then there are the guys that have no pics, barely have a physical description on their profiles and they think they are God's gift to females!!!

Seriously, I'm going to be a bitch, I'm going to have an attitude if all you're offering is your cock, your "average/average" big is that? Yes, I would like an approximate measurement...yes that would entail taking a measuring instrument and getting yourself hard and measuring that cock both in length and girth...if you don't want to do it yourself or by yourself then have someone help, I'm not interested in helping you...I'm more interested in getting an idea of what I will be encountering when you get your pants off...I mean how disappointing to find Mr. 3inch trying to pop out????? Is 3 inches average/average????

Better yet, paint me a word picture of yourself and when you sound exactly like my ex-hubby, well, I'm probably going to be polite and say "no thanks"...yep, I still have issues with guys that have the same physical make-up, build as my ex-hubby...while I appreciate the short-trimmed beard is YOUR look, well, the ex-hubby stil has a short, trimmed beard, is still overweight...just does nothing for me in the attraction department...yes, even I have to be somewhat physically attracted to you to fuck you...

So, why would I "settle" for a little bitty piece of cockmeat???? I appreciate that you may be the most incredible pussy aficianado there ever could be but I'm looking for the "whole" package...I want a man that has a better than average sized cock when it is hard...I want a man that wants to pleasure and please me with that piece of hard cockmeat...but I want him to be able to afford to take me to dinner and the other benefits I'm seeking...

Point being, I don't have to settle, I'm NOT going to settle...seriously, I'm not going to settle for just ANY piece of cockmeat!!!!

rm_DharmicDawn 65M

8/12/2006 6:50 am

I hold to the theory that physical attraction has little to do with the individual physical assets of that attraction. It's sort of like focusing on the exhaust system of a car to define the car, its aesthetics, and its general performance.

Then, again, I was married to a mdoel....put that in the book of things not to do again.


rm_halo6685 50M
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8/12/2006 7:47 am

Your funny and must be an intelligent lady but your taking assholes to heart so just laugh.

angelofmercy5 59F
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8/12/2006 7:58 am

Good for you! You should never settle....go for the whole package. You are worth it!

cougarprey4play 41M

8/12/2006 8:27 am

What is scary is those people tend to ask for advice on how to meet women on here - helping them can be good & bad.

Good because they might actually learn something & treat the women with respect that the contact.

Bad because it's like handing the village idiot fire & then they may go burn down the village.

I agree with angelofmercy5, don't settle - you have a whole site to choose from, so you shouldn't have too worry about finding the one or ones you want!!

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