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6/12/2006 6:19 pm

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I find myself sitting here thinking of a gal's blog that I read not too long ago where the poor dear wrote that she fucked herself so long and hard that she was sore...she put in her blog that she got out her toy(s)s (she must have quite a collection??) and fucked herself how funny is that? Pretty damned funny when I began to read the comments of the "many" admirers that she seemed to have cultivated in her area. Yes, I found it amusing in that this gal would rather fuck herself sore with her toys than take any of her admirer's up on their offer to wine, dine and yes, fuck her!!!

What kind of woman would rather spend a day fucking herself sore with her toys? Course maybe her circumstances were such that she wasn't able to invite someone over because of her "home" situation...whatever that may be, actually just an excuse, trying to find some semblence of reasoning...What kind of woman is she? Why doesn't she utilize the men that are aching as well as begging to meet her in person, get together with her, provide her with some male contact? But then again, cyberland is so much easier, so much more of an ego boost...all those admirers cheering her on, telling her how much they love her pics, love her blog posts...relating to what she writes, feeling the commonality that binds us only in the cyberworld...

Yes, some women like to hold out for that "one and only"...the man that will make her life complete...what in the Hell is that all about? A man making a woman's life complete???? Good grief...if a woman can't find herself complete without a man...after all she can fuck herself sore without a man, why in the world would she need a man to "complete" herself?

Perhaps she was afraid of finding a man that would make her life complete as opposed to hooking up with all the loosers that she also writes about in her blog posts...interesting how that seems to run in cycles...instead of breaking the pattern of ill-matched men she continues to "hold out" for the man that can use and abuse her like she's knows...perhaps that's it, breaking the pattern, breaking the cycle is just too much for her...meeting a really nice guy that would actually worship her, treat her like a true lady (yes, I know very corny and out there...what in the Hell is a TRUE LADY???? haha!!), truly adore her and "complete" her life as well as his, what an interesting concept.

But no, this gal chose to fuck herself sore with her toys one day and then write about it. Even better that she provided a pic for all her grateful admirers...I think I'll post a pic of me fucking myself with one of MY toys!!!! I did have a good chuckle on it and obvious it did make me think...I guess I'm too much of a realist and believe that if I was going to spend the day "playing" I would have at least ONE real cock around to enjoy...yes, the plastic, rubber and synthetic cocks are good when one is in a hurry and there isn't a real cock available...but toys are also fun and good to use with a partner, on a partner by a partner...

All day long, all by herself, work that fucktoy Baby, pound that pussy with that rubber cock...course then I find myself wondering just how big her toys/rubber cocks and such are/were...this gal is what I would call of ample body so I wonder if she prefers large cocks/toys or little dicks that leave one wondering if its in yet...

Oh well, just amusing to me...the gal turned off her profile as she has found the "one and only" to make her life complete. She's glad to be "off of the market" whatever in the hell that means...I couldn't tell she was really on the market or in the market other than she enjoyed blogging and playing with guys in cyberland...I wonder if she fucked herself with her toys on webcam...maybe she watched while others fucked themselves with toys...maybe it was a GROUP event!!!!

I think I'll go fuck myself with ONE of my toys...or maybe I'll use a couple of my toys, you know one for each hole...Oh, don't worry, I'll be sure and provide a pic or two for your viewing enjoyment!!!

Just interesting and amusing how folks view themselves...don't ya think?

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6/12/2006 6:23 pm

Just a little follow-up pussy is dripping wet thinking of getting that big ol'toy in my hot little honey-hole...I wanted to be sure and let ya'all know that I'm not against playing alone with one's toys...just find it interesting how the different blog posts go...I mean come on, I'm definitely into can be so rewarding, so fulfilling, so quick to provide...nothing wrong with a gal wanting to fuck herself silly all day long with her toy(s)!!!! Course it is always fun to share your toys...playing well with others can be quite a challenge...what a wonderful challenge it can be!!!!

So, fuck away my darlings...make sure you have a good stock of fresh batteries to keep those motors humming, whirling, massaging...fucking, fucking fucking....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Ohhhhhhhhh Yessssssssss!!!!!

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