A Novel Bi-Experience  

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A Novel Bi-Experience

Our email exchanged had progressed to a point where it was time to meet face to face. My new gal pal, Sara, was interested in making some bi-female discoveries. She had never been with another woman in a sexual manner. Her curiosities were bringing her to the brink of her realization. She was hesitant but excited…she enjoyed sex with a man but now at the ripe age of 45, Sara was interested in experiencing a woman in a sexual manner.

I enjoyed our email exchange and found the questions, thoughts and fantasies that Sara shared with me to be of an intelligent quality. She has an MBA, good job and is married but sorely lacking that “umph” that was once a big part of her sex life with her husband. She found herself wanting more…she wanted to embrace her sexuality, not set it aside to whither away. She wanted to explore and experience…much like myself. In fact, the similarities in our line of thinking were what attracted me to Sara. Her pictures portrayed a beautiful brunette woman. Beautiful brown eyes, olive skin, a curvy, voluptuous body…I found myself wanting to see her naked. We had talked of doing some erotic photos on down the line of our friendship should it develop as it seemed to be doing and I had a feeling we both would enjoy that very much.

We scheduled an evening to meet for drinks/dinner and see how we “clicked.” A nearby restaurant with a bar area near both of our offices. We spotted each other in the parking lot. We were both smiling as we headed into the restaurant.
“You’re exactly as your pics only prettier,” Sara commented.
“Your pics don’t do you justice, either,” I told her. We sat at the bar which was empty and ordered marguaritas. Sara immediately began asking questions about my sexual experiences and the men that I enjoyed meeting. She told me of the men she had been meeting for an occasional fling…how much she enjoyed sucking and fucking, the size of men’s cocks…we definitely had the attention of the bartender, who checked on us frequently…I would catch Sara looking around in the middle of our conversation, almost giddy that someone would hear the nature of our discussion…almost hoping that someone would overhear us. A man did come and sit at the bar just barely within earshot. He was soon paying close attention to our discussion. I could tell the openness of our sexual discussion was very new for Sara. Finally she had found someone to share openly all that was on her mind regarding sex.
“Sara, I will tell you, there is nothing like having a nasty girlfriend, someone you can discuss anything and everything regarding sex,” I told her. She blushed as the other bar customer was smiling at us, hearing every word.
“I love knowing I can talk to you about anything and everything…I’ve never had that with anyone, not even my husband. I am loving how easy it is to just openly discuss all this stuff about sex,” she told me.
“You asked in one of your emails how you would know if you were attracted to another woman. Do you remember?” I asked her. Sara blushed again.
“Yes, I remember,” she replied looking me directly in the eyes. Her brown eyes were so pretty, her mouth luscious and full.
“Tell me, Sara, do you feel the attraction?” I asked with a smile on my lips. Her eyes grew wide and she smiled and blushed yet again. I put my hand on her thigh and I felt the goose-bumps rise. Her breath quickened.
“Yes, I do. Oh Elizabeth, I can’t believe the tingle between my legs,” she whispered in reply. I smiled and removed my hand.
“Finish your drink Sara. Let’s go to my house where we can relax and talk some more,” I told her. We argued politely over who was paying for the drinks…the bartender informed us that there was no bar bill as the gentleman that had been sitting at the bar and left just a little while ago had paid for our drinks. Apparently he had enjoyed our conversation so much he bought our drinks before he slipped away. We both had a good laugh on that as the bartender thanked us for coming in and to be sure and come back. We walked out to our cars and I told Sara to follow-me. She was all giggly and giddy…hot with anticipation for sure!!!

We were at my house in no time. I took Sara’s coat and hung it up. I directed her to sit on my sofa while I lit some candles and put on some soft music.

I sat down next to Sara and put my hand again on her thigh. She sucked in a breath.
“I promise to be gentle,” I told her as I took her face in my hands. I kissed her full, luscious mouth. She moaned as I licked her lips with my wicked little tongue. I moved my hand to her skirt hem and I felt her shudder…
“You’re already wet, aren’t you, Sara?” I asked.
“Yes,” she panted. I moved the hem of her skirt up and my fingers under to the crotch of her pantyhose. I could feel her heat, the moistness already leaking through the cotton crotch of her pantyhose. I took Sara’s hand and moved it under my dress hem…I continued kissing and licking her lips and she reciprocated with her tongue…I moved her hand to my crotch to show her how turned on I was…
“Oh, my, you are so wet!” she exclaimed as she touched my hot wet pussy…I wear crotchless pantyhose so she was touching me, feeling the wetness.

I let go of her hand which remained while running her fingers over and into my wetness. I set about unbuttoning her blouse and revealing her lacy bra. Her breasts were full and just aching to be touched, almost falling out of the cups…I pulled aside one of the lacy cups to find her dark brown areoles and her nipples like hard little marbles…I pulled away from her kisses and went straight to suckle one of those hard little marbles. Sara laid back and moaned loudly.
“Oh, Elizabeth,” she whispered. I stopped and sat back and looked at her. Sara was definitely ripe for the taking. I stood up and took her hand.

“Come with me, let’s go back to my bedroom,” I suggested. Sara nodded and quickly followed my lead. She was trembling, she was excited…I could hardly wait to get her naked and spread out on my bed.

I told her to stand there and I began to undress her, revealing her luscious, curvy body as each bit of clothing fell to the floor. Her breasts were full and heaving with anticipation of my touch. Her hips full and ready to be spread and opened for more exploration. I stood there and looked at her, completely naked and hot to be taken. Her breasts where full and aching to be touched. I could smell her sex, her wetness apparent. I told her to get on the bed and make herself comfortable. I quickly undressed and climbed on the bed next to her. I began running my fingers up and down her nakedness, watching how she responded.

“Elizabeth, I don’t know how to go about any of this,” she whispered to me almost apologetic. “I don’t know what to do to please you.”
“Sara, I want you to just lay there and let me have my way with you. I want to show you how a woman pleasures and pleases another woman…I don’t want you to do a thing but lay there and enjoy what I am doing to you and with you…I will show you how to please me, how to please another woman but first you must see what it is like to be pleasured and pleased,” I explained to her. She closed her eyes and smiled.

“I knew I had picked the right woman to help me realize all that I want to experience,” she whispered. I raised up and took one of her incredible nipples in my mouth and began sucking and applying gradual pressure to my suckling. Sara began moaning and cooing…and then I placed my fingers between her legs and ran my fingers up and down the insides of her thighs…touching and feeling everywhere but her hot little honeyhole. Her hips involuntarily thrust upward as she anticipated me touching her wet pussy…but I didn’t, I wanted her hot and ready for me to touch her there….

I moved to the other breast and saw Sara shudder as I took that nipple into my hot mouth…her hips thrust up and she moaned very loud.

“Oh, Elizabeth, I am so hot, I can’t believe how turned on I am,” she whispered in amazement. I just smiled and continued my suckling of her nipples, first one and then the other, placing my teeth ever so gently on those hard little marbles…then just sucking them with a bit more pressure…I ran my fingers up to her belly button and then to the creases of her legs and then down to where the thighs begin to meld together…her pussy was dripping wet…I finally brushed a finger across the pussy labia lips…

She moaned loudly and her hips thrust up in anticipation. I brushed them again and she gasped.

“Oh Elizabeth, fuck me!” she cried. I smiled and continued to tease her hungry puss. I knew I didn’t need to use the lubricant just yet as she was already so wet with anticipation…I placed my fingers on her puffing pussy lips, they were so swollen with excitement…she moaned and groaned as I continued to lightly touch them…I then slipped a finger between the two puffy pussy pillows and she cried out again…she was trembling with her excitement, so hot, so turned on…my own pussy was wet with excitement. I loved taking a woman into her first bi-female experience…it is always so incredible to see the excitement, the sexual lust so fresh and new…the experience so much more than they anticipated.

I moved between Sara’s legs.
“Spread your legs for me Sara, let me look at that beautiful pussy,” I told her. She immediately spread her legs. Her labia lips so pink and full, puffing with excitement…her juices coating the insides of her thighs, running out of her pussy…her clit stood at perfect attention…begging for so much needed attention. I positioned myself where I could get a closer look at Sara’s honeyhole…so hot, so ready…I took my fingers and touched her clit. She cried out with excitement…and then I moved my finger into her hot, wet hole…her pussy almost sucked my finger inside…her hips were again thrusting upward, involuntarily…I then put two fingers just inside of her hole and felt her muscles contract…I moved my fingers deeper inside of her and she moaned loudly, cupping her own breasts in her hands. I watched as she began pinching her own nipples.

“Do you like to have your nipples pinched, Sara?” I asked.
“Oh yes, I would love to have them pinched hard,” she panted. I moved to the dresser and opened my drawer. I had some nipple clamps that just might do the trick for Sara. I found a pair that would provide a mild amount of pinching pressure and moved her hands to place the clamps on her hard marble like nipples. A guttural moan came from somewhere deep inside of Sara…she arched her back, thrusting up her breasts…

“Yes, those feel incredible!!” Sara exclaimed. I quickly moved back to between her legs and used my fingers to spread her puffing pussy lips…I opened her up and then placed two fingers inside of her…she immediately began fucking my fingers, her pussy muscles massaging my fingers…I then inserted a third finger into her hot pussy…she moaned and thrust up again…

“Oh, I feel so full,” she whispered to me, touching the clamps on her nipples, cupping her breasts, thrusting them up in a wonderful display…

I positioned myself where I could put my mouth on her aching clit…it was peeping out from the clitoral hood, so red and begging to be licked and sucked. I flicked my tongue across the hard little marble and Sara yelled out in ecstasy…
“Yes, Elizabeth, yes, suck my clit!” she yelled. I continued to finger fuck Sara with three fingers inserted into her pussy and licking and flicking my tongue on her clit…then I moved my fingers deeper into Sara…I could feel her pussy opening up to me, her juices coating my fingers and running down on my hand and the bed…she was fucking me back, and I then took her hard clit into my mouth and began sucking on it, gently at first and then gradually increasing the pressure, flicking it every now and then with my tongue and continuing to apply more pressure…then a managed to get a fourth finger inside of her….she was bucking and fucking wildly now, her pussy muscling clamping down on my fingers inserted in her…

I pulled my fingers out and she gasped trying to clamp her legs to keep my fingers in…I repositioned my hand to a tight cup and then found the lubricant bottle on the night table. I coated my hand with the lube and then leaned up to Sara…I kissed her full on the mouth and then removed the clamps from her nipples. She screamed out in pleasure and I tossed the clamps aside…I then got back between her legs and cupped my hand, beginning to insert my hand into her pussy…

Her legs spread open to receive my hand…and very slowly in an in and out motion I began to insert my whole hand into Sara’s pussy. Her pussy opened up and gobbled my hand hungrily into it…I could feel her vaginal muscles contracting on my hand as I slipped it further and further into her…she received my hand up to my wrist without any problem…I loved it, my precious bi-virgin was such a delight…I continued to fuck her with my hand inside of her.

“I feel so full, like a giant cock is inside of me!” she whispered in astonishment. I took one of her hands and brought it down between her legs.
“I have my whole hand in you, Sara. I am fisting you,” I told her. Her fingers traced the outline of my wrist and she raised up to look at this marvel…I told her to look in the mirror on my bathroom door that was position strategically to show all the action on the bed. She looked between her legs and then in the mirror.

“Oh, my God!!! You have you whole hand in my pussy!” Sara exclaimed. “I LOVE it! Fuck me Elizabeth, Fuck me!!!!” She laid back and I began to fuck her with my hand…her hip thrusts were in tune with my hand and her juices were flowing with her excitement. I managed to get my mouth to where I could suck on her hard, swollen clit and I could feel her vaginal muscles contracting and flexing, she was getting close, she was on the edge…

“What a beautiful pussy, give me that cum, give me that cum, Sara,” I whispered to her. Her hips thrust harder. I could feel the pussy muscle contractions growing harder and faster…she was on the brink…

“OOOOOOhhhh, I’m cumming!” Sara screamed and her hips went wild and I fucked her with my hand, enjoying the feeling of her juices gushing around my hand and down my wrist onto my arm and bed…my face was covered in her juices as I tried to suck her clit until she begged me to stop….

“Yes, Elizabeth, oh God, that feels so incredible!!! That feels so fucking good!!!!” Sara yelled as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her…she pushed me face away from her clit, it was too sensitive…and then I felt her muscle spasms of her orgasm begin to lessen. I slowly removed my hand from her wide open pussy….her juices flowed out and onto the bed…my hand was coated with her cum…I leaned up and kissed her on the mouth.

“Taste yourself my dear, what a delicious pussy,” I told her. She smiled and cooed and shuddered with the after tremors of her orgasm. I went and washed my hand and let her lay there basking in the glow of her orgasm.

I came back and crawled up on the bed next to her and took her in my arms, cuddling her.
“Oh, Elizabeth. That was incredible. I have never felt so full. Thank you, thank you for that fabulous orgasm,” she cooed to me.

“Oh, my dear Sara. That was only the beginning….”

rm_allinfun46 59M
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2/12/2006 7:25 am

Wow, Very HOT!!! I would have loved to have a been a fly on the wall to see this.

rm_jessewfo 43M
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2/12/2006 11:22 am

thats hot would love to watch

rm_frediefred 64M
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2/13/2006 11:03 pm

would liked to have been there as well

into_the_swing 45M/38F

2/16/2006 8:37 am

My very few bi experiences never went like this. Maybe I have been looking for the wrong women...Ms. Liza, I have always thought you to be a very beautiful woman and that has prevented me from doing what I want.

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2/16/2006 7:34 pm


When do we get to meet Sara?


Garion and Safron

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