Tropical Paradise  

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Tropical Paradise

I was in Hawaii on a business trip for two weeks. The hotel was full and had to upgrade me to a nice suite overlooking the ocean on one side and the Waikiki area on the other. After a few days I noticed a great number of TVs walking the street. As I walked past the mirror one evening I thought to myself that I looked better than most of them. The next day I went out and bought some makeup, a blouse, skirt, jacket, bra, thong, stockings and shoes. I dressed up in my hotel room and paraded around with all the curtains open. One thing about Waikiki is that the hotels are so packed together that it there are 100’s of rooms from the opposite hotel that could see me. I would get back to my room after work and quickly dress. Then I would turn all the lights on and open the drapes and pretend that I had just gotten in. I would pour myself some wine and sit out on the balcony enjoying the beach view while I sipped my wine. The skirt I had bought was sort so most of my tan smooth bare legs were always visible. One evening I noticed a man with binoculars looking at me. I got mischievous and went back inside and began to slowly undress in front of the window. I went slow taking sips of wine occasionally and stopping to watch something on the television that I pretended to catch my eye. I had some music on so I was always swaying and dancing to the music. I ended my striptease by walking away into the bath in only my thong as I dropped my bra. I came back out of the bath a few minutes later in only a towel around my hair and one around my torso. I pranced around the room for awhile longer and then pulled turned the covers down. I faced away from the window and dropped the towels. I turned the lights off as I crawled into bed. As I laid there in the dark I could see that my admirer was still there looking through the binoculars at my window. He stood there stroking himself until it looked like he came before he disappeared into his room. The next day I got on AOL and created a profile for me as a TV visiting Waikii. Before long had a few IMs and was chatting with some locals as well as a tourist there with his wife. The experience from the night before had me excited and anxious to meet someone. Only one thing was missing for this place to be paradise and that was a hot man with a hard cock to have fun with. I agreed to meet a local man who said he jogged on the beach, was tall and athletic and well endowed. I rushed home and dressed. I made sure all the lights were on and the drapes were open. It wasn’t long before my admirer from the previous night appeared again. There was a knock on the door. My date was right on-time. I answered the door to find a short chubby middle aged man with thinning hair. He had a big grin on his face and was holding a grocery bag. He introduced himself and said “I understand if you are disappointed and would like for me to leave now.” I had enjoyed chatting online with him the night before and I had gone to all the trouble to get dressed up so I wasn’t going to let appearances get in the way. I was a bit miffed by the fact that he lied about his appearance but who knows maybe he hadn’t lied about being well endowed. I invited him in and asked him to sit. He complimented me on my appearance as I sat next to him. He really liked my tanned sexy legs. Out of his grocery bag he pulled out a six pack of beer. I had expected nice wine and flowers and not a long neck Budweiser. I accepted the beer and took a few sips as we talked. It occurred to me that this might not be a totally wasted evening. He was a bit shy and very submissive sounding and there was that gentleman still staring at us through his binoculars. I asked my date if he would like to go out on the balcony. We wandered out there with our bottles of beer and stood at the railing looking at the ocean. He continued to compliment me on my appearance and apologize about misleading me. I told him it was ok and stood closer to him. Instead of just taking little sips from my beer, I started to take my sips by slipping more of that long neck into my mouth. I could see a budge appear in his tropical printed shorts. I put a hand on his chest and got closer and gave a closed lip kiss on the lips and then hugged him. He hugged me back. He just sort of stood there. I ground against his bulge and he got the hint. His hands started exploring my back and found there way to my ass. I showed him my neck and he started kissing and nibbling on my neck. I took another long sip from my beer, suggestively sucking on the bottle neck. I took a quick peek to check on my admirer from across the way. He was still there and he had his hard cock out again and stroking it. I ground against my date a bit more. I whispered in his ear, telling him how good this felt. That got his hands moving a bit more and he squeezed my ass. I bent a knee up around him and whispered that I wore a pink thong just for him. He pulled up skirt and exposed my bare tanned ass and ran his fingers along my ass and traced the thong. I knew our on looker had a clear view! I ground and squirmed as he touched me. Then I could feel his finger push my thong aside and start to probe my anus. I let my hand slide down his body and to his crotch. I started to squeeze his balls and rub his now very hard cock through his shorts. I pushed him back just inside the sliding glass door so as to be out of sight of the street but still within view of our onlooker. I pulled his shorts down as I slid down his body to squat infront of him. I then took his cock in my mouth and started to suck and lick. He had an average size but a nice and hard cock. Not quite the monster he had described the night before but more than adequate for me to have some fun with. I continued to suck and lick him as he leaned against door opening with one hand on the back of my head and his beer in the other. Every now and then I would glance over and make sure that my audience was still there. I now had to decide, have him cum in my mouth or on my face or should I take the show one step further and let my date fuck me. I was feeling so naughty that I decided if he brought a condom then the show would go on and if not then I was going to suck him until he came on my face. He had brought the condoms and they were in his pocket. I fished one out and wrapped his hard cock. I rose up and turned around. I lifted my skirt and slid the thong aside. He took over and so I just turned and hugged the sliding glass door. I could feel him guide his cock to my hole. He still had the beer in his hand and I needed some lubrication so I told him to pour lube me with his beer. That seemed to get him more excited and I felt his cock give a big twitch. He put the beer to my hole and pushed it in a bit as he poured some in. He then removed the bottle and as the beer oozed out he pushed his cock in. Beer as a wetting agent, that was new to me but it did the trick. He started to work his cock in and out until he was able to get it all in and I could feel his balls slap against me I hugged the glass door and closed my eyes and my mouth parted open as I felt good and I was really excited about being in Hawaii, being fucked in a nice hotel, feeling the thrill of being an exhibitionist and knowing that not only was my date enjoying me but also my admirer from across the way. It didn’t take long for my date to cum. He collapsed on me. I pushed him back and against the door opening again and dropped to my knees. I pulled the condom of his still hard cock and then licked and sucked the final squirts of his cum. I stood up and gave him a peck on the lips and took him back inside as I looked back over my shoulder to see that my admirer had also cum and had a big smile. It didn’t take long for my date to get his shorts back on and rush out explaining that he also had lied about being single and had to get home before his wife asked any questions. I grabbed another beer and slowly stripped down as I had done the night before, took a shower and repeated the lights out ritual just in case someone was watching. Someday I would like to return to a beach paradise for a week or two and share a great beachside hotel suite with a man with a nice hard cock to have fun with. Not a one–minute man but someone who will take his time and use me over and over again for his pleasure. My imagination runs wild with all the sex filled adventures we could have and of course it sure would be nice to work on my tan! Mmmmm, tan lines or no tan lines… decisions, decisions..


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