The Party  

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5/5/2006 11:37 am

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The Party

You are at an AdultFriendFinder friend's party talking to your online friends and wondering if it is time to call it a night. The party started off fun but most people have left and the possiblities of you getting laid are looking pretty slim. You turn to see who just walked in. I am wearing a little black mini dress, sheer thigh high stockines and high heel fuck me pumps. You watch me from across the room as I make my way to say hello to the host who directs me to kitchen and the drinks. You check me out when I bend over to grab a corona out of the fridge. You see just a flash of my small, tight, tanned ass and black thong. I turn around as I stand and catch you checking me out. You look coyly away and then back to see me still watching. You turn back and continue making conversation with your friends taking short glances over at me as I open my beer and squeeze a lime into the bottle. The lime unexpectantly causes the beer to foam and you watch as I attempt to suck the quickly expanding foam from the head of the bottle. You can see small amounts of foam dribble from my lips. You feel your cock stir at the sight. The kitchen is on the way to the bathroom so you tell your friends you are going to go to the bathroom and will be right back. You walk straight over to me say there is a better use of lime than a beer and ask if I would like to do a shot. I join you by the kitchen bar and we each have a shot. Before the shots have settled in our stomachs you lean over and kiss me lightly on the lips. You can taste the liquor and feel my sweet soft lips. You kiss my lips, my cheek and then nuzzle my neck as your hands caress my ass and draw me up against you. I am a little taken back by your brashness but I relax and let you have your way. I look you in the eye and smile. You can see the lust in my eyes. You take me by the hand and without a word lead me to the bathroom. As soon as the door to the bathroom closes you lock it and then you spin me around, grab my ass with both hands and start kissing me on the lips and neck again. Your hands are all over my ass and then up to my breasts. You pull my breast out from behind my black bra and then you lavish my nipples with your tongue and lips. I moan and squirm with my eyes closed as you ravish me. I moan for you to take me, to fuck me. You spin me around and bend me over the bathroom counter. You hands continue to caress me as my hand reach back for your crotch. You pull my hand away and put both of my hands flat against the bathroom mirror. You quickly have my dress up around my waist. I squirm and beg you to let me touch or suck your cock. I can feel you fingers sliding my thong aside and your finger start to probe me. You take some hand lotion from the counter and lube my ass with your finger and then you put some lotion on your cock. I can feel you press the head of your cock against my opening and I push back against you, opening myself up to you, as your well greased cock starts to slide inside me. You are all the way in but keep on pushing until you have me pinned against the counter and I can't push back. You can see my face in the mirror. My eyes are closed and my mouth open. You hand reaches forward and caresses my face and neck. My mouth searches for your finger. You feel so good and I try and squirm and move my hips around, tossing my head back and forth as I strain against your weight. I give up squirming and arch my back and pushed back into you. You grab my hips and start to pump your cock, short strokes and long strokes. You watch me in the mirror at each push, measuring my pleasure. You can feel me tight around your cock. You can hear me moan "oh yes, fuck me". You can feel me quivering as I start to cum. When I cum you can feel my inside tighten and there is more resistance to your thrusts. I can feel my knees weaken. Your cock swells with the extra resistance and sensations and then you give a deep thrust and your hot cum shoots deep inside me. I can feel the hot squirts of your cum with every contraction of your cock. You collapse over me for a brief time and then withdraw your cock. You pull and zip your pants back up as you watch me pulling down and straightening my dress. I am smiling at you with a look of amazement. You kiss me lightly on the cheek as you hug me and without saying a word we walk out of the bathroom. You go and get yourself a beer from the fridge and rejoin your friends. As you stand there with your drink listening to your friends talk about their kids, you spot me again acroos the room. I am sitting on the couch talking to some young men. I have my corona and between sips you notice how I stroke and caress the bottle. My legs are crossed and my skirt is riding high up my thighs. You stare at my long tan legs and your cock begins to stir. I see you looking and I look at you and smile with that lust in my eyes. You bravely walk over to me and bend over and whisper in my ear “I want you to suck my cock and then to fuck you again right now”. I quickly rise from the couch and take your hand leaving two very surprised young men. You don't take me back to the bathroom but instead we leave the party together and you fuck me all night long.


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