How do you get to meet me?  

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5/3/2006 6:06 pm

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How do you get to meet me?

I get alot of email asking to meet and today I got a nasty email suggesting that I never meet anyone and that I am just a tease. Well writing something like that is not the way to get to meet me.

Throughout my life I have gone through cycles of dressing to not dressing. Usually it is because work has gotten busy and I have do not have the time it takes to properly dress. Other times it just has been that mentally and emotionally I was not in a state where dressing was right for me. One thing has been constant and that is that I always seem to comeback to trying to dress and be that sexy girl.

And yes I have met men from this site. Since joining this site I have met a few very nice men, each once, who helped me fulfill some of my fantasies. One let me suck his wonderful cock and then let me grind and tease him as I practiced my stripper lap dance until he came. Having him cum with just my teasing was an incredible turn-on! Maybe someday he will contact me again and we can go to the mountains like we talked about.

Another came to my door one night and had me kneel in front on him as he sat on the couch and let me suck him until he was hard and then he told me to get on the floor and fucked me doggy-style. He definitely knew how to use that hard cock and I just loved the feel of getting fucked by him. It was incredible to feel that deep final thrust and have swell up as he came. After he pulled out he sat on the couch and had me lick and suck his cock clean. I had hopes of doing some traveling with him as his little hotel slut.

The next guy I took advantage of, due to the size of his cock - his cock was small and just perfect for a novice cocksucker like me. He stood as I knelt in front of him and sucked him until he came and came and came. His cum filled my mouth quicker than I could swallow and then he squirted hot delicious cum all over my face!! Oh that was such a hot experience for me. Every sunny summer day I thought about how nice it would be riding on the back of his motorcycle and the adventures that would lead to.

There was my cowboy who came by for a late night date. I dressed in my schoolgirl outfit that he liked so much. We sat on the couch and talked until I just couldn’t stand it anymore and started rubbing his crouch through his jeans. Then I knelt in front on him sucked him until he was hard. He had a nice fat cock and I begged him to fuck me with it. He mounted me and fucked me doggy-style and then shot his load all over my ass. I licked and sucked him clean. He promised to take me to his downtown office so we could play again someday.

My last date was a 56 year old businessman. From the beginning he was honest and open. I was not sure what to expect when we met but I wanted to meet this interesting man. I dressed in a short pink skirt, a tight white top and pink pumps. He arrived and he was just as he described and just like his email. We talked for a bit and before I knew it he was caressing and holding me and started to massage my back. I was totally relaxed. He offered me a back massage and I accepted. He carefully removed my clothes and had me lay down on the floor. He gave me a back rub and kissed me from head to toe. I was the center of his attention for hours. Instead of a slut, he treated me like a princess on a pedestal. I had never experienced this before and would love to experience that from him again.

I had hoped to meet a few other new friends. One nice guy who wrote me the hottest stories, especially the delivery girl story and helping me with my sex homework. Another gentleman wanted to be my personal delivery man and since he lived nearby and had flexible schedule that had lots of potential. I was looking forward to really meeting my tall older retired actor friend and just enjoying some fun times. Of course actually having met James would have been great. He was interested in traveling and taking vacations to nice beaches and scuba diving and sailing and he was okay with me traveling dressed as a boi and then turning into his little hotel and resort hottie to make it a real vacation. I always appreciate hearing from my friend Joey who drove me crazy with his fantasies and his fantasy of having a good guy friend to go shoot pool and have a beer with who afterwards transforms into a sexy cock loving slut. Kenny had plans to teach me how to ski. He had one of those stretch tight ski-bunny outfits from a previous wife that he planned to give me. He was going to teach me how to ski during the day and then take me out for drinks dressed in my tight sweater, leather pants and leather boots. There was also "Tim" who sent me his email address but it got lost when I lost my account on here. He had pictures of his cock posted and I have to say it was the largest cock I have ever seen and could he cum! I was oh so looking forward to playing with him and seeing just how big a load he head for me!

What does it take? There is no reason we can't get to know each and get to be friends. Once I get comfortable with you and want to meet you then there is no telling what might happen. That is usually how I get motivated to dress again. I become friends and comfortable with someone online and want to meet them which leads me to want to dress for them. It just takes time, honesty, openness, encouragement and patience.

Patience, Understanding, Trust, and Attention gets you me!

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