Friends with extra Benefits!  

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5/3/2006 5:44 pm

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Friends with extra Benefits!

We always hear about friends with benefits FWB and it always seems that the benefits are having someone available to have sex with. So what do you call FWB that goes one step further? I have always thought it would be great to meet a FWB who would take care of my yard, mowing, and landscaping. Maybe a nice FWB who cleaned my place or washed my car. Or maybe meet a FWB who was a good handyman and one day when he came by for a date he would show up with his tools and fix that broken thing he noticed the last time he visited. I have wanted to do some home remodeling but don't want to take it on myself. I am not comfortable hiring strangers to do the work but would dearly like to have a FWB who was a general contractor and would take on the job. I would know that he would give me a good price and make sure the job was well done because he was a FWB. If an FWB thought the benefits were good before he helped me out, I would be so appreciative that the his benefits would be even better! This are the friends I would always want to keep happy!

Wanna remodel my master bath and then help me break it in?


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