The Art of Touch  

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1/19/2006 6:13 pm

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The Art of Touch

Reach out and touch someone... One of the famous advertising lines in the past, but really those two little words "Touch Someone" seem to have become lost, if not truely frowned upon in today's society. Sometimes I wonder how it is that we have become such a society where we are truely timid in "Reaching out to ... Touch Someone".

Touch is one of our Five Senses, and yet it has become very ignored. Poeple go to great lengths to have nice toiletries so that they can "SMELL NICE". We wear our clothes (or mabye not so much clothing Image ) so we can "LOOK NICE". We choose our words we speak and the sounds we make so that we "SOUND NICE". We take care of our selves so that when we are kissed for example we "TASTE NICE". Yet, so many seem to shy away, or totally ignore the need to "TOUCH NICE".

The skin is the bodies largest organ, and it's sensory element is that of TOUCH. I find it so rediculous sometimes the postures people will take so that they don't have to touch the person they are with. Those A-frame hugs where they bend over from the waist and barely touch their cheeks LOL.

I am a person who loves to ((HUG)) his friends, and people I meet. And I don't mean with A-frame hugs. Individual situations will require different types of ((HUGS)) however, a nice ((HUG)) is truely and incredible ice breaker and let's the person know you ae not afraid of being in touch with them. Please when you see me if I haven't gotten to you to give you a ((HUG)) come on over and give me one. I will be more than happy to ((HUG)) you back.

I am not going to dwell on a discussion into inapporopriate touching. We are all adults and understand what is appropriate and inappropriate in our lives. Let's instead think about how we can improve the way we "Reach out and Touch Someone" real soon. Here are a few suggestions

* Hold your friend's hand, don't crush it and don't be like a limp rag doll - touch back
* Give real ((HUGS)) - Again... no need to bear hug the person into a submission hold, but let them understand that you are not afraid to touch them.
* When you are sitting next to one another, don't go through contortions to make sure you don't touch the person beside you, but still don't hang all over them (unless they want you too Image )
* Lean to revell in the fact that someone is willing to reach out and touch you, What a Gift.

Have you gotten your ((HUG)) quota filled today?

I am a very tactile person (one who loves to touch and be touched). This led me many years ago to take some training to becoming a massage therapist. I am not skilled enough any more to call myself a massage therapist, but I have found massage a wonderful avenue to enjoy being in touch with another. When I massage a friend these days, it's to help relieve some of the stress of their lives, and/or show them how much I appreciate them as a friend or a lover.
As I said earlier, the skin is the largest organ of the body. I have worked on learning how to when permitted by the person receiving the massage to truely explore their body, pleasure them from tip to toe . When you combine it with the right smells, sights, sounds the pleasure the body enjoys becomes almost exponential in nature. My friends who have had such treatment say I have the magic touch, the only magic is not being afriad to touch and be touched. The other truely wonderful part is the intense pleasures I get from just touching my friends and seeing how great it makes them feel.
Let's get in touch real soon. A ((HUG)), Kiss, Cuddle or Carress.. When and where is up to you, but let's not miss the opportunity.

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