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5/28/2006 7:31 pm

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the Bar

I go to a large city...somewhere I have never been...and will never be again. I get dressed up in a tight black skirt and black tank top. The summer heat has made me thirst for a cold drink. I go to a local bar near the hotel I am at and order a whiskey over ice to sip on as I scope over the local guys. I hear a voice from behind me say " a pretty thing like you shouldn't be drinking whiskey" and than tries to order what he thinks is more suitable for me and gives the bartender a confident nod; like he knows what I really want. " I think you really meant to order a nice glass of wine" he says with a smile. I turn around and smile and say with a little wink to the bartender " thanks, but your wrong about my drink and your just plain wrong for me" as I pay for my whiskey and walk away.

I hadn't noticed the guy in the corner watching the whole scene; until he came up behind me and whispered in my ear. " I like the way you handled that guy"

I look him over and I like what I see. He has a nice build to him and is a little bit taller than me. I decide he is the one I came here for. I ask him the usual questions and he asks me some. but we both know what we really want. We want to be going at...pure strings, no lines, no promises or sweet words whispered.

I invite him back to my hotel room and before we even get through the door we are tearing at each other clothes. Trying to get at one another skin. He notices I am not wearing any underwear underneath the skirt and with out even saying anything bends me over the bed and unzip his pants and pounds me. I am so wet from all the want and just the excitement. I am soon screaming and moaning and I cant get enough. I don't realize how long it all goes on ...but its over and the smell of sweat and sex fill the air. He brushes the hair off my face and kisses me softly. He than gets dressed without a word and I go to take a nice hot bath...left to wonder...did it even happen oe was it all in my head.

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