Sex on the Beach  

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5/16/2006 3:06 pm

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Sex on the Beach

I live in the greatest wilderness area..lots of scenic trails to hike on and lots of beaches to walk. There is a Beach I live by...with in walking distance and with summer coming up soon I can't help but dream about making this come true.

It's been a hot summer day and the night has finally come and started to cool the temperature's down enough to go for a walk.

I take a beach towel and go for a stroll down to the lake to walk the beach sands. I feel tired ...the summer heat has drained me and want to lay down and listen to the waves crash on the shore.

I lay down on the blanket...the sand is still warm. I take off my top to feel the heat on my skin and fall asleep listening to the waves crash on the beach.

I wake up to soft touch running down my breasts. I open my eyes to a complete stranger. He doesn't need to say a thing. I can see the hunger in his eyes.

My skin is awakened and the need is there. I feel the urgency to feel more than just his touch.
I reach down into his shorts and the welcome invitation is known to both of us. there is sexuality in the air that not even the animals can not match.

As he draws closer to me I noticed it was dark all around me and to my surprise I smell the scent of my lover. We know each other well and we stay connected when we are apart from one another!

The smell of him is strong and I notice it is him as he draw closer I realize I know him we met and have on occassions had the best animalist best sex ever! But I noticed the smell but his face is different somehow as moon passes by light shines down through the shadows of darkness. But the stranger I think is a stranger is in fact just like the smell of my lover. As I feel him caress my beast ever so softly. His lips touch the tips of nipples of my breasts.

As he draws closer the moonlight reveals his face he is staring into my eyes in my soul I feel him. My lover the one I meant like strangers we did but our love is strong like the smell of sex the beaches breeze pushes our scent all around us and intensifies our experience for the both of us. We know each other well we are close in every thing we understand our bodies as if our bodies were one. We want not to be a secret to all but to us we aren't a secret but we conceal our feelings for those around us.

As he penetrates me with his manhood I feel him inside my head even if he isn't here and same fills his mind daily and often we catch ourselves finishing or completing our motions. With this all in mind I am into his every whim and I want him to take me in any way he chooses but he waits to see want I want and makes me want him more as he slowly thrusts inside me....

I feel my eyes give into his as if he feels me getting all of what he is putting inside me. I am excited beyond belief as he pumps inside me and my pussy is wet as wet velvet to his hard cock inside my yearning needs. As he performs I feel myself slip into his every move. I whisper to him as he pumps inside me "cum honey I want you to cum I want to see you cum and look into your eyes when you do".

Then he pumps even harder my pussy is hot and wetter than ever my cum is filling the sheets and his cock slides into me with greater ease as he pounds inside me. I start to whine to his motion in me. Just as he is about cum he looks into my eyes for what to do with his cum which he has never gotton this far before.

At this point the connection is greater than sexual attraction and he has proven worthy of my cause and his. So as he stares into my eyes I nod to him yes honey cum inside me but first he see it inside my eyes. But I assure him verballly I want his juices coursing inside me at this point the connection is great and I want every part of him and he does with me.

As he is given the ok the dump his hot wad inside me. He thrusts so hard into me my eyes become more focused to him. I feel my pussy cumming and cumming over again the smell of sex is great and then when the beginning of my last organism with him.

He stares into my eyes like a hungry animal and he groans as his cum sprays deep inside my wet cumming cunt. The sweat is dripping off of him unto my body like rain drops. His manhood feeling like a garden hose inside me squirting hot soft cum deep into me... I feel great knowing he is my lover and we are together in our whole sexual smelling juices!

easy_8 56M

5/16/2006 8:58 pm

I can smell you now....mmmmmmmmmmmmm

elysianpleasure 47M

5/17/2006 6:35 pm

Very hot...

NasalFacioPrior 74M
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5/31/2006 12:02 am

WOW your stories are so HOT and realistic.....I wish I was the guy.

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