another really naughty thing i did..  

littlepeeper29 46M/46F
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3/29/2006 9:39 pm
another really naughty thing i did..

something ive forgotten to add is that my husband and i are getting a divorce, but im fine with it.....anyway, yesterday this guy ive been seeing calls and wanted to bring over a he came was a real neat promise i watched....during the movie i put my hand down his pants..then when he got hard i pull out his rock hard cock and sucked it for like 20mins....he asked if he could stick it in a few times and i told him he could stick it in a million times...oh my gosh did he fuck the shit out of me, and i still couldnt get when we were finished with the movie, and he left...i got on the phone and called the new know, i know its really bad....i couldnt help it...gosh i hate that i want sex soooooo much...anyway im over at the other guys house and i didnt know if he was gonna be ok after the blo-job i gave him, cause he didnt move for a really longtime...when he did all he said was that it WAS THE FUCKING BEST BLO-JOB HE HAD EVER FUCKING HAD IN HIS i hope he is in love cause i wanna find someone who is gonna fuck me everynight, and be controlling and think for me and.....oh maybe thats to deep...anyway, i think im doing another naughty it to bad to be ruled by sex?...

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