my early age of dressing  

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8/28/2005 6:23 pm

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my early age of dressing

u can imagin what i thought, not understandin back then, the start of the 70's ye hah, i was 10,
but i would dress up in my sisters panties and skirts, i even at 10 was caught by mom with a camera in my sisters skirt
quickly convince mom one time thing, but little did they now

in my 20's i would always dress 4 halloween and yes u guessed it, a female, nothing to great, a skirt, stockings wig cheap make-up, what made it fun was i felt hot, i mean hot, i would play the roll and did fool alot, gf's thought i was hot to, even couple females pissed i looked better, lol,

my bi curiousity has been with me all my life as me thinking i would have been better a female
have had 3 differant experiences now, 2 with single guys, and one with a couple (2guys)

i'm slowly cumin out, want to explore my desire to be a female and i mean a hot one, not goin to be drop dead gorgious but will turn heads when cumin in the room

i'm lookin for some friends that can help me with the dressin and make-up make-up

i'm startin to plan for the next halloween not sure what city, calgary or edmonton, but plan on gettin a room dressin up in the hottest sluttiest outfit, full shavin, full make-up and hit the clubs, all ending the night at the gay clubs

i'm hopin my slutty outfit score me one exciting explosive exotic evening, of being used by 2-5 hunks that treat me like the slut i want to be

but hey girls and hunky guys just lettin u know a little of me and what i'm lookin for
maybe there r some cool halloween parties that r invites and ......

u all have a great day

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