right, its time for a poll  

little_nicky_69 32F
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4/18/2006 7:47 pm

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4/25/2006 9:16 am

right, its time for a poll

well, i have become accustomed to most functions on here and now I'm going to see how this works, now heres the poll
how sad am i for owning my own blog?
now that being said this is a blog website (well not completely but it offers them) so the results will be impartial, i may ask this question to real people (lol) aswell and get back to you!
not at all,everyone has one!
a bit, a young girl like you should be out enjoying life
a total saddo!
dude your a fucking twat,so's everyone else here on this lameass site
i cant be bothered to answer this
im running out of options now,urmmm no comment? lol
nah girl your the shit! your so amazing and so technologically advanced!
and last but not least-no one reads your blog, i stumbled upon it accidently and im never coming back, get a life

titan_firm 43M

4/19/2006 2:00 am

Sorry two answers required!
-I do think it is sad for a girl of your age to be computer bound, but it can be fun and deinhibiting (if that is a word)....I would barely have the balls to talk to you on the street now, let alone as a 21 year old, you are just too terrifyingly beautifull.
-For having the time and energy to do this, "you are the shit", not sure I like that expression to portray you.

curiousone442 41M

4/19/2006 3:28 am

|Well your here trying it out im just too damn lazy to be bothered to do a blog and no i dont know what it stands for boo. Have to agree u are fit X nice and slim

rm_bigbeast4 35M
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4/19/2006 6:56 pm

what can I say I couldnt be bothered with my own blog so I just check out other peoples. Keep up the pointless banter it always cracks a smile with me, oh and did you enjoy writing big beast for the first time lol.

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