Mixing Business with Pleasure  

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4/16/2005 12:28 pm

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Mixing Business with Pleasure

I sell shoes at Nordstrom’s and try to do my best to keep a professional demeanor. Even still I try to dress sexy. Tight skirts, thigh high stockings, tight sweaters, plunging necklines, push-up bras. I flirt and play, but try to stay in line. Until eight days ago.

There’s a married guy who always flirts with me, teases me, but thinks I’m a good girl. He keeps telling me that I’m a cock tease. It was a warm spring day and I was sitting in the mall drinking a cup of coffee. He asks me what new. So I tell him that I’m not anything like he thinks. Come on, you’re a good girl, you like to tease but you just don’t like to act it out.

So I just said at one time you would have been right, but not now. He started to laugh. I was pissed, so I just told him straight out. I’m a bi-sexual slut, period. He looked excited. No way. Oh yeah. When I say slut, I mean it. Oh yeah, tell me what you’ve done. Why should I tell you?!? I’m turned on, you mean you go down on girls?? You mean lick pussy, yes. I suck cock too. He kind of moaned. I got up to leave, and he grabbed my arm. Karen, don’t go, tell me more. Nope. I’m a cock tease and I left.

That night on the way home he called my cell phone. His voice was different, like he was jerking off. I called him on it. He tried to deny it. Do you want to know more? He moaned yeah. What’s it worth to you? You know what it’s worth. Did you drive your minivan today? Yeah. Go get $250.00 out of the cash station. Lower all the seats in you van. Then meet me on the frontage road off 83. I’ll get naked and tell you everything you want, but you can’t touch me. You can jerk off, but you can’t touch me. Deal? He was in.

I drove over, parked and stripped down to my thigh highs, thong, bra, and high heels. I can honestly say I was turned on. He pulled up and I took my purse and climbed in. He handed me the money and I told him to get naked too. But no touching. He said god your body is awesome. He pulled out his cock, it was nice. Perfect for sucking, too bad.

Well where should I start. He wanted to ask questions. How many cocks have I sucked? Total, of total different one? Both! I honestly don’t know, but I can tell you that I can tell you that up until I was 32 I had only sucked 3 different ones. In the last 5 years I have sucked about 150 different ones. Holy shit! How about total? It’s hard to say, some only one time, some so many. Rough guess two or three a week average for six years. He was good at math even while stroking, that 700 to 800! Oh it’s got to be more than that I said. Do you let guys cum in your mouth? Yes. Awesome, do you swallow? Yes. Oh man was I wrong about you.

I was getting pretty turned on, so I pulled my bra cups down to play with my nipples. He moaned. Of those how many have you fucked? About 120 maybe. Oh man. What’s your favorite position. I laid on my back, grabbed the back of my thighs and pulled my ankles over my head so my ass rose up slightly. When I cum can I cum on you. How much will you pay to do it? Fifty? Nope, too low. I was fucking with him. He yelled out I only have $60, but I’ll give you forty in the morning. That’s ok, $60 will be fine.

I took ok my bra and panties. I spread my legs and stroke my clit for him. Oh man, you’re shaved clean. Nope waxed! God I want to fuc… Remember no touching.

Ok, how about in the ass? Sure, it’s different but I’ve learned to love it. Ok, how about two guys at once? Sure, why not? Like one fucking you from behind while you suck the other? Sure, lots of positions. DPed? Yes. Oh my god!! Keep going. Keep going, more? Maybe. Three. Yep. All holes filled? Yep. He was dying. I was some wet. I had already cum and was soo close again. Four? Head nod. Five? Head nod. Six? Head nod. No way! Seven? Head nod.

Up until now he was doing the talking, but I decided now I would tell him it all. I have been dying to tell someone about my dabbling in porn. Up until now it’s only been on the internet, all safe. I was hot and wet and I had a guy stroking his cock hanging on every word I said. So I just let it out. I’ve started doing porn. His jaw dropped. He actually stopped stroking for a second. Like web cam stuff on the net? Nope, I started shooting videos. No fucking way! Tell me about them. Well I only started a few weeks ago. Oh yeah, how was it? The first was so hot. Wait a minute, the first? How many have you done? Well it took a couple of weeks to do number two, but I’ve done five now. There all for the internet. It’s not like I’m a pro. Were you paid? Sure, oh yeah baby you’re a pro. Do you have a name? Katerina Zientara. Oh, so pro. I give him all the details. He’s so hard. I ask him if he’s ever fucked anyone but his wife without a condom. No why? I take his hard cock into my mouth and deep throat it three or four times. He blows a massive load down my throat and I swallow it all. I play with his cock for a while and make him shudder in ecstasy.

He asks when we can do it again. I’m not sure. You’re married. Maybe I can do a sex show next time. What’s that? You can watch me have sex and jerk off during it. Maybe!

pASSionwantd2 50M
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4/16/2005 3:42 pm

''Wow'',what a Lucky Stiff to have learned of your Dark-Side the HARD way,lol.Write it,tell it and they will CUMMMMMMMM.

tonguelickher 42M

4/17/2005 4:51 am

please continue to update us on ur adventures. i wished u were closer to me i need a good cunt like u

rm_redpepper12 54M/53F

4/25/2005 1:45 pm

Karen, Karen, Karen!!! You are without a doubt my favorite person on this website. I fantasize about you all the time and j/o to your pics too. Wish I was that guy! Keep the stories cumming!

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