Some history and do woman really want an honest or confident man?  

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4/9/2005 7:49 am

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Some history and do woman really want an honest or confident man?

Interesting what a topic for the first entry, hopefully not many eyes will see this

Do not get me wrong I am an intelligent person in the respect to areas of knowledge needed for my job, which I love. I deal with the development and testing of technologies with an IP layer on a daily basis. I have a high school education which is a GED certificate. Being a Navy brat, moving around with my parents some of the education you learn at the schools are not really motivating. I had a habit of falling asleep in classes and annoying teachers when they woke me up to try and make an example out of me by asking questions, to see the look on their face as I answered the questions correctly and went into details. However there are some things that still stump me, like proper grammar. And why is bling-bling in the dictionary!!! ( I have my own theories about how todays society is going to hell in a hand basket if we keep on the course we are.)

Now while dropping out of high school was not my choice, I ran into problems in which I was forced to complete the high school levels from a GED. Because I know that a high school whether it is from an actual high school diploma or from a GED, is needed to even get a job that is worth while. I can testify that college even though stated at many jobs, will take someone without college if they can prove they are very knowledgeable and can pick up on things very fast.

During the course of my career I have been working on my career and my knowledge to fulfill this career, and have had a job for the last 8 years. I have gained a small close nit set of friends throughout my years of working all are married or have moved to other states due to work.

I am a big guy, and if you were to look at me in person you would not think I was as big as a picture depicts. I have a belly the size of a six month pregnant woman (OK that was out of line, but you get the picture), This is from eating food in which I enjoy cooking. I do not drink beer ( I could choke on the taste), but I do drink on occasion.

I really hate going to bars to meet people they are very loud and I would need to take some Advil before going to help avoid the major headache I would get from the noisy environment.

Now that my history lesson is over.

I felt around two years ago I would like to meet someone that we could love each other till the end of time and work through anything that came up.

As we all know the profile creation is the hardest aspect for anyone (OK maybe some of you have it easy here), and has been especially harder for me as I really do not know what to say about myself. So I usually state facts about myself and what I am looking for.

I have read countless thousands of profiles and I will admit I am attracted to slimmer women than what I am myself, so a picture usually does help in my decision to send an introduction e-mail (but depending on the profile itself I have sent introduction e-mails to profiles without pictures because I thought I felt a connection). The one thing I would say that comes up in a good 80% of profiles that I have read have been honesty and confidence.

To date out of all the e-mails I have sent I think I have had maybe five replies, thanking me for my interest and to tell me they are not interested for a variety of reasons. These woman I have a respect for and know that they will find the person they are looking for. While the many other e-mails go with no response or have never been read.

So the question comes down is do woman really want an honest and confident man? I have been very open and honest in all of my e-mails in the past.

While I am here lets hit this confident thing in the butt. What one person sees as confident is not what another person sees as confident. Lets face it the first time you do anything you are not 100% confident; The mind is rushing going, I can do this, I am going to do this, what you are doing is going to be done right, will they like it? will they like me? What happens if I fail? even if the person on the outside shows confidence on the outside. If you can honestly tell me none of these questions have run across your mind when trying something new, then I guess I have something wrong with me and should seek some help!!!

Well enough rambling for now. I am off to do something today.

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