in the eyes of the beholder ....  

lithiumrose 37F
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8/14/2006 12:05 pm
in the eyes of the beholder ....

Have you been somewhere with someone and just love the memories you shared? It is beautiful and poignant.

You get to see the world in each other's eyes and enjoy each waking hours together - exploring the new land and culture.

I once told someone I left my heart in Bali. And I did. I loved the place. Of course, this chap thought I left someone in Bali and still pine for him. I had to laugh. I did pine over the guy who brought me there too, but it has been ages and feelings changed. That is kind of a depressing thought, come to think of it.

Between the islands of Langkawi - I learn to flow with the flow - least you don't knock yourself into some poles and wondered where it came from. I also ended up appreciating the wild beauty of the water body. Glorious. I also found out I am not seasick, which was a good thing, considering I was the one who suggested the trip. It was that or to a highland and picnic on a yatch is more romantic, me think.

Under the busy buildings and rushing of life in Singapore - I appreciated many of the sudden beauty that entralled me. Walking and getting lost may not be the idea of fun, but walking into a gallery and looked at artworks appease me. Stumbling over two temples when looking for a church was a delight. Somehow, with everyone rushing here and there - you would still find someone who would stop and take in a breath and bow before the temple doors before walking away.

And Thailand - Bangkok, specifically - was a wow. It was one crazy time I had, and I honestly had to say, thanks for bringing love into my heart. Each moment with him was filled with passion and it is fun. And he taught me to love again. To trust in the love of others.

Like one of my crazy friends used to say "Love comes in many form. Embrace it." I love the places I have visited. And I love the people that I had met, even if it is only for a while.

I wished I could go travelling again.

IviesBidesJuste 55M
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8/14/2006 6:17 pm

I think of traveling all the time. But I also get a kick out of taking road trips when friends come visit me. Arizona is usually a prime spot. They always get blown away by the Grand Canyon and Sedona's Red Rock Country.

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