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8/26/2006 10:27 am

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I am looking at old photos and gosh - I am thinking of this really good looking guy I used to date.

I was 15 then - and he was the most hottest guy in school. Hmm. Not my school though. He had the most lightest brown hair and his eyes were amber in color. And his lips - oh, my - those are one heck of a kissable lips ... and ohhh - just the mere thought of those lips makes me remember how he kissed me.

It was an odd relationship - for a bunch of 15 yrs old. Both of us were in different schools. We barely have time to see each other sometimes, but we try. His friend was upset at him and at me because neither of us had time for him. But the guy was a nutcase - trying to get attention by aiming a big stick at my legs wasn't going to endear him to me.

We broke up because ... I don't remember why we broke up... but over the course of our high school years, we kept in contact and I had to admit - he was one wild hot sexy guy. I moved away after high school and we lost contact after that. But I still remember how I fall in love with his beautiful deep amber colored eyes and those oh so kissable lips

james20060823 37M

8/27/2006 4:59 am

ya dear...
sometime recall back those memeries is just nice.

glad that u had not bad experience with it...

well... life still going on..
future is unexpectable, but always thiking , future will be better, then ur life will be better.


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