what we all want.  

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7/15/2006 9:06 am

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what we all want.

if you follow an ant to wherever it goes; across a wall, your floor or your nose, it's looking for the same that you are too..
a meal, a home, an occasional screw.

a key buddhist concept, and forgive me, I'm not a practicing Buddhist, but a cultural student, so add your own wisdom here, is that we all wish to end our suffering. Our enemies, our families, the other than you type political people all have the same goal- to suffer less. Everyones suffering is different and by heck, ending person A's suffering can certainly cause person b to suffer. (ex. buying a sierra leone mined diamond for instance*) it's an interesting concept to pray for your enemies to have less suffering. But what if it worked?
If an enemy- your boss, a rogue terrorist group, your mother-in-law, were to have less suffering, would they hurt more people or less? Would they wish to live in peace?
Adversely, wanting to cause suffering, *your probably catching the vibe now* is more than likely going to give one more to suffer about. Fascinating thing to study I think.

*in Sierra Leone, 90% of the diamonds mined are by children under the age of 15. They work for one meal a day, 12-15 hours and if a diamond is found on them after they leave, a limb is hacked off by the employer. This has been a common practice for Sierra Leone, the single highest locale in mortality rates of children. (see millenium goals, convention on the rights of a child 2005)

SirMounts 102M

7/16/2006 8:29 pm

I find your blog fascinating and delightful.
A very warm welcome to blogging, literoticat. *smiling*
...you write very well.

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